You touch on an important point which I think is deserving of more attention which is:

To what extent is the Las Vegas massacre outcome of evil treatment of the villain or perpetrator of the violence?

Nothing justifies any massacre of total strangers or murder of loved ones, but there must be some perceived injustice that drives an otherwise normal man to the point of orchestration of a massacre of the magnitude we see in Las Vegas.

If there is not, what is it that drives a well off and successful 64 year old man to go insane? Again there must be a trigger of some sort and the “why” question takes on even more significance than would be the case in presence of evidence of some injustice.

Has anyone wondered whether someone or some organization is running some sort of mind control program in the United States? In movies it always seems like fantasy. Is there a possibility someone or some organization is trying to actualize mind control fantasy? This seems the only other viable alternative to either of injustice or trigger of insanity.

You are right that guns are not the problem. The “Canada” counter argument is too strong a contradiction of the premise that guns are the problem.

A society that believes in trampling on those who appear weak, inclusive of rich but less rich folks, may however have to live with massacres of the sort just witnessed in Las Vegas. If we promote a dog eat dog world the villain of Las Vegas merely has chosen his dog eat dog philosophy — death to rockers. I am not saying I approve, just analyzing the effect much the same as I analyze effects of investment or financing decisions.

Why is it we find it so difficult to choose Love as overriding societal philosophy?

Because we agree there is evil or sin, then choose to wallow in it rather than give Jesus Christ the opportunity to save us from evil tendencies.

By the way, if we are bent towards evil or sin, does not enlightenment merely make us more innovative at planning and implementing evil?

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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