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A woman gave birth to twin boys. The elder of the twin boys (Seth) was a ‘happy go lucky’ kind of guy, a guy who lacked capacity for sticking with just about anything that takes quite a while for arrival at fruition. The younger of the twins (Abel) was industrious, hard working, able to stick with a task, get it done.

The following analogy helps illustrate the distinction between ‘happy go lucky’ Seth, and industrious Abel (a convenient analogy, as opposed to actual state of things).

If you choose to raise goats for food, it would take a couple of years for the first goat to mature. If, however, you buy a new ewe goat every month, starting say two years from now, and factoring in births of ewe goats by your mature domesticated goats, you would have a decent and constant supply of goat meat.

But then, that initial two year wait? Arduous. Abel, he was willing to wait out those two years, do whatever needed to be done.

The alternative? Well, if you hunt mountain goats for food, some days you would have goat meat, some days there might not be any. One thing we know for sure though, you would eat goat meat almost immediately, would begin eating goat way before your twin brother ever would have any goat for chow.

Seth, he did not have capacity for waiting out those two years. Goat meat right now, and uncertainty as to just how many mountain goats could be hunted suited him just fine.

As time went by, Abel’s industry translated into a steady supply of goat meat. Seth, well, the more he hunted for mountain goats, the smaller the supply of mountain goats got, with outcome there were days he did not have any goat meat for chow.

Turned out Abel’s industry had wisdom of foresight for arrival at future self reliance. Abel had reasoned within himself that were he also to choose immediacy over foresight, he and Seth would run out of goat meat (mountain goats) in half the time. Regardless of the fact that he was as adventurous as Seth, there was the realization that someday they would run out of mountain goats and have to resort to cultivation of goats domestically.

In presence of realization of reality of their situation, Abel decided it was wise to resort to the sustainable equilibrium right from the onset, which was, raise goats domestically, wait two years or so, have constant and increasing supply of goat meat, as opposed to dwindling supply of mountain goats.

Enter the twins’ mother, Rachel who believed on basis of the evidence that the family business needed to be handed over to Abel. Given inheritance was by birth, however, by right the family business had to be handed over to Seth.

Rachel came up with a plan. While ensuring Abel never was out of sight, word wafted to Seth that Abel was putting plans in place for ensuring he ended up with the family business. On hearing of this, Seth threatened to kill Abel immediately.

Word of Seth’s threat wafted to Abel and Rachel. Abel asked his mother what to do, to which Rachel replied she and his father would provide funds for relocation to another city far away until things cooled off.

So then Abel takes off to the far off city, gets a job. The job eventually transforms into a self owned business, a business that made Abel an extremely wealthy man.

In mean time, subsequent to departure of Abel, who up until his departure had managed the family business, given their Dad already was old, Seth took up running of the family business.

With Abel gone, Rachel put pressure on Seth, tasked him with finding of a responsible woman whose hand he could take in marriage. Having inferred that marriage to a responsible woman would please each of his Dad and Mom, and secure the family business as his inheritance, Seth looked for and found a Nubian Arabian woman to marry. With encouragement of his new wife, Seth began abandoning his happy go lucky lifestyle, began raising goats for chow (analogy) alongside running of the family business.

About 20 years later, Abel returns having no need for the family business. With their Dad still alive 20 years later, if Abel had remained and not left, if rumors had not wafted, Abel would have continued running the family business for all of those 20 years. Given their Dad remained alive, Seth would have continued to wait for his Dad’s passing in order to inherit the family business.

Upon their Dad’s death, Abel would have felt a sense of ownership for what now would pass to Seth, wealth he had built up with his own hands, sweat, and intelligence. Clearly, there would have been fireworks of some sort, and short of one murdering the other, one of two brothers would have to commence building of his own wealth 20 years later than orchestrated by their mother’s rumors.

By the timing of their reconciliation, Seth had learned to appreciate the kind of person Abel was, no longer was mad at his brother. The two brothers reconciled, went back to their individual lives.

So then, Rachel with rumors separated her two children, created two wealthy men, as opposed to two men fighting over the same wealth.

Knowing Abel was industrious and could rise above challenges, she chose to scheme Abel out of the picture, then hope she could get Seth to transform from happy go lucky guy to responsible family man.

Well, Seth got his Nubian Arabian princess who inspired him to responsibility and success. Abel, well he got a woman fair in complexion, and fair in beauty. Wealth it would seem would know no color.

Rachel’s plan it would seem had worked to perfection.

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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