With all of the problems of modern society, all of the dependence on different kinds of drugs, we now are going to encourage people not to move on after their loved one dies? Will this make for more or less realistic living?

Part of the bane of man’s history and existence is the “just because we can, we should” mentality.

A man whose wife is totally dependent on him typically can get away with some abuse if he so wishes. All he has to do is force his wife to ask him for every dime she needs. When a man instead loves his wife, he lives the “just because I can does not mean I should” life.

The funniest part? It is not clear that our me, myself, and I society values such a man. Just the other day in a movie a guy was advising a colleague to be totally selfish in relations with her spouse. He advised her to refuse to consider her spouse’s welfare as important for arrival at decisions which would directly affect the welfare of her spouse. Is this not reflective of a general trend in attitudes of society?

I am not naive, I know husbands have stiffed wives, and wives have stiffed husbands in the past. But when society refuses to celebrate the man or woman who chooses not to stiff their spouse, the nihilists who pray for annihilation of our species need say or do nothing, they already would be proved to be right about meaninglessness and pathetic nature of human existence.

The “just because we can we should” mentality is becoming more and more evident in this time in which we live.

It is a factually incorrect declaration, yet the factual declaration that “ God already has provided us with help through Jesus Christ” seems too weak. I default then to the factually incorrect “God help modern civilization.”

Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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