Why does mankind run away from Love?

Suppose we dissociate the word Love from every other attribute that we consider to be good in life such as Integrity, Honesty etc. What exactly do we have left?

First, let us define love as caring about the welfare of another person, human being, man or woman,whatever term we prefer.

Now let us dissociate love from interpretation of every other attribute that can be considered noble or good. That is, let us pretend the word Love and whatever it connotes does not exist.

Take Honesty. Well, a man can be honest about cheating on his wife or murdering his next door neighbor. Honesty sucks when you are the wife or the neighbor.

Take Integrity. A man can have integrity with respect to being a mass murderer. Every night he is true to himself in seeking out people to murder. Integrity is true yet far from the truth.

Take Faith. A woman can have faith that her boyfriend will listen to her and kill her husband for her. Faith is nefarious.

Take Hope. A child can have hope that his or her parents will die so he or she can inherit their wealth much earlier than anticipated. Hope is nebullious.

Take Sanity. A man can walk into a theater and shoot up a hundred people and be considered perfectly sane; after all, there is no notion of caring for the welfare of other people. Sanity is meaningless.

Take Kindness. The word no longer has meaning. If there is no love, kindness is irrational.

Take Patience. If there is no boundary against which patience seeks to push, patience no longer is a virtue. Why be patient to get rich if you can dispossess your neighbor of his riches? After all, no one is required to care about their neighbor’s welfare? If people see you taking your neighbor’s property the only question necessary is: “Am I strong enough to dispossess him of what he just stole” not “How can I help the man that has been wronged” because no wrong has occurred. Patience? only Now matters.

Take Sacrifice. Only an insane person would make sacrifices for people they are not supposed to care about. Without notions of love, Sacrifice is a ruse for a big scam in the future.

Take Procreation. Why would anyone want to have children whose welfare they will not care about? Having children would be irrational in a world without the word ‘Love.’ Procreation makes no sense because if you have children so they can take care of you when you grow old in a world where nobody cares about anybody else, you are investing in a basket full of holes. If you have children so they can help you in your business, they steal the business from under you. Procreation? Birth control please.

Stripped of the meaning of Love, every good attribute we celebrate in life becomes meaningless, empty, incapable of creating only good behavior. For every good application of such attributes, there exist multitudes of alternate evil or nefarious applications.

Impose the word Love, however, and all of the nefarious applications no longer are tenable.

A spirituality code that does not have love at its center is neither realistic nor pragmatic as a way of life because it is the word love that gives meaning to everything that is good in life.

Why does mankind run away from Love and choose everything else — drugs, sex, power, money, fame, popularity, divorce, the hot guy, the sexy babe — everything else but Love?

Why have we trained ourselves to celebrate the brash and uncaring, as opposed to those seeking to be the best they can be in how they treat people in their circles of life alongside application of themselves to a worthwhile cause or profession?

Love is central to meaningfulness of life on earth, yet man and woman have trained themselves to run away from love whenever Love threatens to engulf.

I think mankind runs away from love because we are unwilling to lose ourselves. Love by nature makes demands and we are afraid we will fail the test if we let Love in. We feel it is better not to be in a position to fail than to fail.

If mankind continues to be afraid of the demands of love, we remain on the slippery slope that does not lead to ennoblement. We are left with sex and debauchery and money and power as substitutes for Love. Sex and money and power without love are recipe for disaster. In developed countries, at least 50% of marriages are failing. In developing countries, economics and cultural beliefs probably keep 80% of unhappy marriages, which probably constitute 75% of all marriages from ending in divorce. The “running away from love” disease could actually be worse in developing countries.

We have tried social media as a substitute for love, hoping that if we do not have to look into each others’ eyes, we will be able to build community within context of interactions on digital platforms. So far, there is lots of talking on social media, but little of true community. Social media cannot thrive as a substitute for Love.

I have found out how costly it can be to choose Love. I have also found out that whether or not anyone else loves you for choosing love, the one thing you find when you choose love is yourself.

The opportunity to find or discover ourselves is sufficient reason to choose Love because only men and women who truly discover themselves truly live.

I hope you will choose Love the next time opportunity for love comes calling.