Who will protect LGBTQ Rights if America Becomes Covertly Muslim, Buddhist, or Communist?

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there is one thing the AIDS scourge of the 1980s revealed, it was that there were lots of closeted gays and lesbians in the United States of America. While the AIDs scourge eventually would spread to heterosexuals, it is well documented that it’s origins lay within populations of gays and lesbians.

Given many or most of the initial casualties of AIDS, such as Rock Hudson and Magic Johnson were productively engaged within American society, were in fact rich folks, AIDs and either of homosexuality or lesbianism were not associated with economic disadvantages, in actual fact were associated with economic advantages. For the most part, AIDS and either of homosexuality or lesbianism were associated with American prosperity.

The takeaway?

Gays and lesbians who did their business in private as do heterosexuals never have had history of systemic economic discrimination in the United States of America.

hat gays and lesbians were missing was legal recognitions that enabled them take care of their ‘spouses’ when they were sick, or upon their demise, legal capacity for acting as custodians of their spouses’ estates. Related to this legal status quandary was opportunity for joint filing of taxes.

Regardless of any disagreements about labels, these legal rights ought to have been granted to gays and lesbians way before they were passed in course of the Obama regime, perhaps during the Clinton regime. But then Black people and women also ought to have had the right to vote since the 1800s.

The second takeaway?

Whatever gays and lesbians were missing in terms of legal protections was afforded in course of the Obama regime.

egardless of all of their legal recognitions, gays and lesbians continue to assail the Christian Church to lower it’s ideals, to repudiate command of their Lord Jesus Christ that He their Lord and Savior disapproves of homosexuality and lesbianism.

Let us consider, however, that in periods leading up to the AIDS scourge, and in course of the AIDS scourge, gays and lesbians did not suffer systemic economic discrimination in a country that largely was homogeneous with respect to the Christian Church’s beliefs about homosexuality and lesbianism. We have then that a society that largely was homogeneous in its’s views of homosexuality or lesbianism did not hate gays or lesbians, made no attempt to discriminate against gays or lesbians.

Homogeneity of beliefs that ensured absence of systemic economic discrimination against gays or lesbians was Christian, not otherwise.

With respect to AIDS, it is important to note that the fight against the scourge of AIDS was largely predicated on Christian efforts. In light of their ideals, Christians championed the fight for arrival at treatments for AIDS, this without prejudice to their belief that lifestyles of homosexuality and lesbianism do not accord with Christian beliefs.

In so far as the response to AIDS was concerned, while the Christian Church did not change it’s beliefs, AIDS patients were loved by same Christians who fought for arrival at good treatments for AIDS.

gays and lesbians continue to push for a United States whose Christian foundations are eroded, they eventually will end up with one of the shall we say competing prominent religious tenets in the world today, which are, Islam, Buddhism, or Communism.

The third takeaway?

If gays and lesbians think they will fare better if America becomes non-Christian in it’s attitudes, becomes covertly Islamic, Buddhist, or Communist in it’s attitudes, they, for lack of a more benign word, are deluded.

It was not Muslim nations, Buddhist nations, or Communist nations that led the fight for AIDS treatments. It was self same Christian nations, nations who believe homosexuality and lesbianism to be wrong, yet believe in dignity of every man or woman, who led the fight for AIDS treatments. It was Christian nations who believe that holding up of ideals never should imply lack of love for a fellow man or woman who led the fight for AIDS treatments.

ometimes the grass looks greener on the other side until a segment of society actually arrives there.

If gays and lesbians continue to push for undermining of the Christian Church, and America becomes covertly non-Christian, we all will get to see how much love they receive from their Islamic, Conservative Buddhist, and Communist brothers and sisters in eventuality.

It is time for gays and lesbians to realize there is such a thing as asking for too much from the Christian Church.

Christian Scriptures are unequivocal: Jesus and His Father, to whom the Christian Church owe allegiance explicitly and expressly disapprove of homosexuality and lesbianism.

Is it changes to it’s doctrines that the Christian Church owes gays and lesbians, or debt of Love regardless of a difference of opinion about lifestyles?

gays and lesbians keep on asking, keep on demanding, keep on attempting to undermine foundations of the Christian Church in America, they just might bite off the finger that historically has prevented any systemic discrimination against their lifestyles in the very first place.

It was in a homogeneously Christian nation that consideration of sexual preferences was excluded in context of pursuit of economic opportunities.

There do not exist any spiritual voids in life. If America ceases to be Christian in it’s attitudes, it will covertly or overtly adopt some alternative rubric of spirituality. The main candidates? Islam, Buddhism, or Communism.

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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