Whether we are Christians or not we are rewarded for our character or actions.

Regardless of how moral an atheist is, however, he or she cannot experience fellowship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Whether such moral men become part of the vast multitude that are saved eventually because at death they have opportunity to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior cannot be excluded but also cannot be stated as a fact based on a reading of the Scriptures. Note only those who do their best to be moral can potentially have such opportunity. Those who choose evil in this life never have opportunity again to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. God would not be just were He to allow such double dipping.

Why then the grace of God?

None of us, Christians inclusive have enough character to be saved. The best we attain to even within context of the grace of God still isn’t good enough. The grace of God — Jesus' perfect character — solves this problem. The same grace further helps us such that living righteously is easier than it is for those who choose morality but do not have the grace of Jesus Christ in their lives.

It is this capacity made possible in Jesus Christ that is being denied in these last days.

On issue of Jehovah’s commandments. The commandments are good because they are good; that is the commandments are a truism.

God is Love. We know for a fact that love is what makes our world a meaningful existence. So the commandments are good because they are the essence of who God is, the essence of our universe, the essence of who we are.

All of man’s rebellion makes no sense because it is rebellion against who we are in core of our being, hence magnification of cognitive dissonance in this age in which we live. The devil makes evil appealing. It is man who chooses to do evil and induces depravity via insistence on loving and doing of evil.


When the world we live in was dominated by men, men repressed women. Now that the western world has enacted laws that allow for western societies to be partly dominated by women, women also have attempted to oppress men.

So what has happened as consequence?

Men and women increasingly are finding it difficult to relate with one another. So men start turning to men, women start turning to women. Relationships between men and women become more transactional than relationship based. Society remains fractured. Nothing gained.

My point?

When we reject the commandment to forgive one another, we are the ones who pay the price.

So does God command us to forgive because He is God or because it is in our interests to forgive one another?

Forgiveness, without which it is impossible to love another human being or person, is a truism.

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