When I think about True Spirituality by Schaeffer, you know what comes to my mind?

Where would I be spiritually if Schaeffer had not obeyed God and written that book?

I have not come across anything like True Spirituality anywhere in Christendom. If you have I would like to know. I bought the book with a similar theme by Watchman Nee. It does not come anywhere close to True Spirituality at hitting the truths of Romans home. In fact, I think the mechanism for acquiring newness of life advocated there is spiritually faulty.

If one is looking for a pure rendition or interpretation of how to acquire the life promised by Jesus Christ as exposited by Paul in Romans, nothing beats “Reckon Yourself”, the classic phrase out of True Spirituality.

The power that obedience of one man to God can work for good in affairs of this life.

Phil Driscoll in one of his songs sings about how we never know what force for good a good Christian life is because we never know how many lives we touch. He is right.

An Aside

Phil Driscoll perhaps is the most inspired messed up Christian artist I know — a man who like David is blessed with the Spirit so much perhaps because he needs the Holy Spirit more than most. With his background in secular music and tremendous success at an early age, he perhaps needs more than his fair share of the Holy Spirit. The man’s music has a divine quality to it, which I think is the reason the devil has tried so hard to mess the man up.

Back on Subject

The book I have written essentially starts off where Schaeffer’s True Spirituality ends because it focuses on how to get to know Jesus intimately without involvement of any organizational intermediaries. Just Jesus and the Believer. I discuss, however, God’s purpose for believers within context of spiritual offices and gifts. But spiritual offices are meaningful only when church fellowship and leadership of church organizations have right focus and objectives. My book I believe is perfect for those who seek to develop their relationship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit outside or inside of organized church.

After I read True Spirituality, I left the church in which I had grown up. I went back there between 2012 and 2015 and nothing had changed. They still do not understand the truths taught in True Spirituality, truths I began to comprehend more than 20 years ago. You can understand why I am on my second exit out of that situation. The outcome may be similar for those inside of organized church who read my book.

As for the state of organized church, I think the greatest truth we can tell is to live authentic Christian lives outside of organized church. When the light of the life of Jesus Christ shines brightly outside of organized church, perhaps organized church will welcome back in for righteous change those who left to please Jesus Christ.

In the mean time, I aim by the grace of God to continue to please my Lord Jesus Christ in all things, giving thanks to the Father in Jesus name.

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