What the demand for Justice says about the right way to live

Everyone loves Justice. Justice is arrived at in either of two ways — either because people do what is right, or because civil society remediates what is wrong. If civil society is to remediate what is wrong, it must be the case that what is right is enshrined in beliefs and laws of civil society, meaning what is wrong is representative of deviant behavior.

Suppose, however, that those who administer justice are themselves beholden to deviant behavior. Within this context, all that is required for arrival at injustice is an upholding of every deviant challenge, striking down of every right challenge, and refusal to admit evidence.

So then, wrongs are not remedied, rather are accentuated, resulting in loss of confidence in the judicial system, and absence of arrival at Justice. We arrive then at the inference that, if civil society is to act justly, those who administer justice cannot themselves be beholden to deviant behaviors.

Suppose we take the argument further, assume only those who are involved in administration of Justice eschew deviant behavior. Within this context, one thing is sure to transpire, which is, overwhelming of the Justice System.

In presence of overwhelming of the Justice System, administration of Justice takes so long, and prioritization on basis of severity of harm makes so many cases fall through the cracks, that, for most people, Justice is not done, with outcome society loses faith in Justice. We arrive then at the following refining inference.

With retention of the argument that only the Justice System cares about Justice, we arrive at a much larger problem, which is, a society within which people desire to be treated right, but yet, no one makes any attempt to treat others right.

It is not then only the case that, for most, Justice is not done, but also that, in presence of the assumed status quo, society lives in cognitive dissonance with it’s own explicitly stated desires and objectives.

In aggregate, we arrive at a sobering thought, namely, if society believes in, and enshrines Justice in it’s civil laws, Justice is achievable, and society acts cognitively, only if asymptotically, everyone desires and makes effort to treat others right.

With Justice desirable to all, a maxim that encompasses treating others right? “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.”

Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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