What else is to be expected of an educational system which teaches evolution — survival of the fittest — as fact?

Evolution is a theory not fact. A theory turned on its head by each of First and Second World Wars. In each of those wars, The Allied Forces won not by superiority of soldiers or weaponry necessarily, but by sheer relentless determination that evil would not win.

Jordan and Egypt signed peace treaties with Israel and enjoyed peace in their countries. Since the Muslim Brotherhood took over in Egypt and threatened that peace Egypt has been rocked by terrorism and lost aura of peace it had enjoyed for so long. What does this all mean?

Countries that have focused on peaceful coexistence with their neighbors as opposed to a winner take all mentality are the ones in the Middle East that have enjoyed not just peace but meaningful prosperity. Survival of the fittest mentality has created only pain and suffering and rhetoric that fails test of credibility and sincerity.

I do not have any problem with presenting of evidence that seemingly supports evolution in the classroom. I have a problem with evolution being taught as fact, an exercise in intellectual fraud.

There is scientific evidence in favor of Creationism. Let the scientific evidences be presented side by side but let’s leave the turning of the evidence into faith — evolution vis-a-vis Creationism to individuals.

This is the only path to reversal of culture of abuse as discussed in this article.

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