We have via powers of observation determined gestation periods for humans, giraffes, elephants etc.; we know how long it takes different trees to arrive at maturity; we know how long it takes different crops — wheat, potatoes, sugarcane etc. to go from seed to harvest. We know how long it takes for a moth to transform into a beautiful butterfly. We see how over thousands of years nature has not altered how long it takes to get all of these things done. So, yes Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

With all of our understanding of nature, we have yet to really understand or practice the corollary truth which is,

Just as there is some natural gestation period for physical life there must be natural gestation periods for spiritual life or enlightenment — gestation periods that likely are conditional on each person’s unique context.

Men and women all over the world tend to give up way too easily on spirituality then simply resort to adoption of some guru — Eastern, Christian, Muslim etc. or the other. Note there is a difference between being inspired by a guru and becoming dependent on a guru. The two are not quite the same.

So is it people think the journey is supposed to be easy? But how can it?

Attainment of a spiritual state which remains real to you no matter what challenges you face in future cannot be a piece of cake transaction or process.

No matter what people think of spirituality, the one truth that stands is every one needs faith in something for meaningfulness of life. It may be faith in a career, faith in being a good husband or wife, faith in one’s own capabilities, faith in God, faith in family — whatever, everyone lives by some sort of faith.

To not have any faith at all is to issue an expedited invitation to despair because no one goes through life without facing any challenges whatsoever. Such is the nature of life.

But faith is spirituality. Atheism for instance is nothing but faith in the unproven belief that whether He exists or not, God is of no relevance to life on earth.

If spirituality, equivalently faith is important for meaningfulness of life, and if time wasted persevering on a mismatch path cannot be recouped, is it not important first to be open minded at beginning of the journey then persevere in a chosen path?

Taking ownership of path of spiritual enlightenment at beginning and endeavoring to persevere until the natural time of spiritual life increases probability of arrival at spiritual enlightenment, growth, and life.

Written by

Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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