Understanding Jesus and His Teachings

If people are able to live their lives as they deem fit, particularly in context of religious and financial freedoms, and if positions of civil authority are held by locals, there is not any oppression from a foreign occupier.

When people who truly are in search of truth hear things that they find difficult to understand, they do not scorn or dismiss, rather they mull, they ponder, they consider, such that they arrive at a reasoned response.

Jesus did not seek fame or popularity, sought genuineness, sincerity, love for truth, and purposeful faith, not numbers, not crowds.

Many people today do not understand Person of Jesus, do not understand that Jesus came to earth to find ‘12 men’ who would believe in Him sufficiently to the extent they would change the world.

The Evidence for His success?

Within 300 years, that is, by founding of the Christian Byzantine Empire by Constantine the Great, Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire in 325 AD, absent lifting of any swords by disciples of Jesus for coercing of anyone into faith, the entire Roman Empire was officially Christian.

Now then, let us consider Jesus’ very own actions, and teachings directed at His disciples.

When evil (injustice) is from the State, from the civil authority, and you are not able to escape the evil, do not adopt violence for resistance to the evil (injustice).

Jesus declares that terrorism of any sort is contrary to faith in Himself and His Father. Christians are not to terrorize their fellow men (John 18:11), only so they can strike fear into a civil government.

The teachings of Jesus are extremely deep, and many who start off reading with scorn lose opportunity for arrival at depth of thought and wisdom that accrue from willingness to engage with teachings of Jesus Christ with reasoning, as opposed to hubris of assumed superior intelligence.

People who are wise are quick to listen, slow to speak, do not assume that a non-violent man (Jesus Christ) whom the establishment of His time was so afraid of, it was willing to unjustly crucify Him, whose teachings conquered a worldwide Roman empire, whose system of spirituality is the only system that has more (proportional) adherents outside of region of it’s origin (the Middle East), was not indeed as wise as His own detractors — the Pharisees and Sadducees — deemed Him to be.

Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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