There is not any contradiction between birth circumstances and democracy. We all get to build on our circumstances. It is only when artificial roadblocks are instituted within a democracy that capitalism becomes inconsistent with democracy.

If people are able to actualize themselves within context of their educational, intelligence, and effort achievements, circumstances merely are where they start off; democracy enables transformation of achievements into upward mobility within society. The focus of preservation of integrity of democracy ought to reside in efforts to ensure absence of artificial roadblocks to achievements, and transformation of achievements into upward mobility.

Milestones, such as educational, innovation, or experience milestones are not roadblocks, they are the price society or democracy stipulates for ensuring that there is a level playing field for everyone. No matter how rich a kid from a rich home is, if he wants a PhD from an Ivy League University he will have to prove he has the intelligence necessary for passing of Qualifying or/and Comprehensive Exams. No matter how rich a kid is, if he lacks capacity for innovation, he cannot have wealth recharacterized to be innovation. No matter how rich a kid is, he cannot buy years of experience in some experience market. He can employ experience, he cannot buy it to attach to his own name. Milestones are prices everyone has to pay for arrival at some achievement. Roadblocks exist within a democracy when subsequent to achievement of milestones, society erects walls against those who have paid the price for achievement of specified milestones. It is the erection of roadblocks that is inconsistent with a democracy.

In so far as health care is concerned, yes universal health care ought to be objective of health care in the United States. The reality is, however, the existing structure cannot be dismantled overnight. So then we have to seek incremental movement towards universal health care, with hope no President comes along and reverses progress in that direction. No one should have their credit report messed up just because they fell sick. I dare say, however, that there needs to be some “take responsibility for bad living habits” caveat to universal health care.

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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