The world we live in is filled with stereotypes. While we strive, hope, and wait for society to change in meaningful ways in so far as inclusiveness is concerned, the fact is inclusiveness never will be perfect.

What then to do?

We have to learn to have joy in our aloneness so our peace, joy, and serenity do not depend on the extent to which we are or are not part of the crowd.

Aloneness is not the same as loneliness.

When we have peace, joy, and serenity in our aloneness, we are comfortable with who we are, comfortable with our choices, comfortable with directionality of our lives to the extent we do not need to have anyone walking along with us to feel validated. Not that we do not seek people to go along with us, and not that we do not value having people walk with us. Rather, that in the event we have to walk alone, we are able to maintain peace, joy, and serenity.

If we wait for society to change to arrive at peace, joy, and serenity, the wait will be long and may not arrive sufficiently in our lifetime.

When education really has the desired effect, we see people as repositories of intelligence, not products of a race. This is part of what education is supposed to achieve. Sadly, education is so perverted that it perhaps does more to reinforce stereotypes than shatter them. Education remains, however, one of the most important paths to arrival at rapprochement between peoples. The goal then is to reform education and effect its rescue from claws of racial perversion.

Whatever little we can do can make a difference.

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