The United States of America: The Hypocritical Irresponsible Country

Oghenovo Obrimah, PhD
4 min readSep 16, 2023

As America’s propaganda machine loves to spill it, the great ‘Ol United States of America is a beacon of Justice, Freedom, and the opportunity for Self-Actualization, hence it’s propagandist hatred of China’s treatment of the Uighurs.

Alright then, let us examine the facts as to how exactly the Donbas Region of Ukraine fared relative to the rest of Ukraine subsequent to the breakup of the old Soviet Union. Inclusive of the Donbas Region, Ukraine gained independence from the old Soviet Union in 1991. Well, what then ensued?

“The region’s economy deteriorated severely in the ensuing years. By 1993, industrial production had collapsed, and average wages had fallen by 80% since 1990 (Wikipedia).”

“Small strikes continued throughout the 1990s, though demands for autonomy faded. Some subsidies to Donbas heavy industries were eliminated, and many mines were closed by the Ukrainian government because of liberalising reforms pushed for by the World Bank (Wikipedia).”

In light of the neglect of, and the sacrifice of the economic welfare of the Donbas Region in order to please the West, ahem, the World Bank, there was arrival at an agreement, in 2015, which granted the Donbas region some autonomy, an agreement that never really came into effect. For instance, by 2017, the Ukrainian Government had stopped buying it’s coal from the Donbas region.

Last time I checked, some pretend oracle proclaimed, “autonomy which is not backed up with income or wealth truly is operable.”

Guess that was what led to Fishbourne’s character’s vision in the matrix dying to be replaced by whatever it was we got to see in the Matrix Resurrections.

At least, Fishbourne’s character got a statue, even…



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