The ‘#th’ end of year reflection you are reading this Yuletide season

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Yuletide is the season for end of year checklists, such as the ‘’. Thankfully, I am over 30, actually over 40, could consider myself extremely influential, yet not be upset not to make an under 30 list. Guess with all of the talk about equality in society, you still either have to be under 30, or a Presidential candidate over 65 years of age to be worth talking about in today’s society.

But then again, if life begins at 40, and you become influential before you turn 40, you sort of broke the curve. And if you are considered a viable candidate for President at over 65 years of age, your body and mind probably have held together better than most others. Sort of leaves those of us between 45 and 64 out of all of the recognition fun does it not? Anyway, kudos to all of those under 30s making influential lists all over the world.

So then, what’s up? Well, my first post to garner only one read, and a read ratio less than 50% this year was a . Guess I should not have been surprised. My point in that post?

Why is it Medium does not do a better job of rewarding with greater exposure authors who do a great job of engaging with readers (in terms of responses to readers), particularly authors who also write quite well?

My second post that did not do quite so well was on illogical characterization of gun violence as definite evidence for mental illness. Guess that did not go down well either with leanings of most readers, the Medium algorithm or both.

But really, if courts can find people who engage in mass shootings mentally fit for criminal trial (), while gun violence potentially can be evidence for mental illness, it also can be a rational well thought out action by persons who feel repressed, but whose mind remains intact. Whether repression is real, or outcome of some slant on interpretation? Well, that is another matter in entirety.

It is well established in philosophical thought that subjectivity of interpretation never can be assumed to be illogicality of interpretation.

Much to my chagrin, my post on the abortion debate titled, ‘’ never took off. Thought this one was close to a masterpiece on the subject.

The debate perhaps still is too polarized for appreciation of a middle ground position that celebrates both life and choice.

This I thought was brilliance of the piece, which is, a well articulated middle ground position for balancing of and , with outcome both positions continue to be funded, continue to employ more and more people. In presence of funding for both sides, society is better able to maintain balance between ‘’, and ‘’. When people tilt emotionally towards choice (), arguments help maintain balance. When people tilt emotionally towards pro life (like insisting pregnancy from rape must not be aborted), arguments help maintain balance.

What’s not to like about more funding, and more jobs that support both life and choice, that help maintain balance between life, and choice?

By the way, I did a seven part series on joy that tanked way beyond expectations. The only part that did well, on ‘ was the part I thought would do worst of all.

I probably penned my post on ‘’ at a time most readers were looking for lighter reading, hence the zero read outcome. My post titled, ‘. But then readers thought I was pushing it with the follow up titled,

Did potential readers think I was playing mind games (something I never do because it runs against ethos with which I write)? It is true I do some satire, but satire is not mind games, satire is an established genre of literary writing.

The response to this suggests most people do not think that a world devoid of any evil whatsoever has any chance of being interesting?

You know what? I still beg to differ.

In June, I penned two posts critical of people who engage in nefarious office politics, or persons who criticize diversity as important criterion for college admissions. Neither were well received. Guess we still are in times within which, regardless of language, only criticisms of movies are considered not to be in bad taste.

In July, a post targeted at the Christian community on Medium, a post which proferred a new interpretation of an important message in the Bible, a message on ‘’ bombed royally.

Can’t a guy cop a break from one of his very own constituencies?

But then, I did catch a break with the reading community on the very same topic of that post, which is . Two posts titled, ‘’, and ‘’ have turned out to be two of my most successful posts.

If ever an author could be 100% perfect at predicting slants appreciated by readers and reading platforms, guess literary agents would be out of work.

As testament to time and chance in writing, and readers’ desire for certain sorts of slants, while my post titled, ‘’ has turned out to be my most successful post, a related post I authored several months prior titled, ‘’ never took off, garnered only three reads, seven views.

To all those reading, who have read at the very least one of my many posts during the year, and they were many (in total, 119 original posts at this point), I say ‘’ for taking time to read my words. To those who took the time to engage with me in dialogue, I very much appreciate the engagement, part of the essence of a platform such as Medium. If this is the first post authored by me that you are reading, I hope you will continue to read my words into the coming year.

As always, I promise to continue to write with ethos and empathy, with emphasis on search for words and slants that best communicate ideas and thoughts I seek to share with you, with the world. I hope you will continue with me in that journey into the new year.

I wish you all a pleasant yuletide and holiday season. As you ponder the year 2018 in rear view, I hope you are encouraged to continue to choose right over wrong, love over hatred, peace over strife, joy over gloom.

To those who like me consider Jesus Lord and Savior, I wish merry, peaceful, joy filled celebrations of person and principles of Jesus Christ.

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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