The Second Coming of Jesus is Spiritual, not Physical

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With respect to your response, while the kingdom of Christ is, in entirety, spiritual, still yet, Jesus has promised intermittent and specific manifestations of His Spiritual Presence for giving of rewards to faithful saints, and for judgment of evil. You are able to arrive at a full picture of things by buying my book, which I promise you is all empowerment of my understanding by revelation of the Holy Spirit.

I am not a pastor by profession. If The Holy Spirit had not compelled me to write the book so others can know what I now know, I could not have devoted an entire year to penning of the spiritual exposition.

Again, I hope you will afford yourself the opportunity for procuring of well reasoned spiritual support for your prior that the Second Coming of Christ is, in entirety, a spiritual, as opposed to a physical event.

While my personal merits are secondary to receiving of illumination from The Holy Spirit, I have for five years running been ranked as a top 10% author out of over 400,000 authors on the reputable research dissemination platform, the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). At present, I have well over 60 research publications available on my SSRN author page, which you are able to access via this link. I say this, only so you know my writing of the book is well within context of competencies (writing, research, formal theoretical ability and skills, empirical skills etc.) that The Lord Jesus Christ has empowered me to acquire in context of secular life.

I pray that your faith and love and hope remain strong, In Jesus Name. Amen.

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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