The Scientifically Attractive ‘Take Over the World Whilst Getting Rich’ Scam

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A business that still is being run by it’s innovators that becomes worth US$ 2 billion within 2 years qualifies as an overnight success.

The difference in relation to the app innovation?

In traditional leasing, an asset that already is leased cannot again be leased simultaneously to another firm. App innovation busts this age old truth, as such, is a game changer.

App building is the quintessential ‘eat your cake and have it' sort of business.

Manufacturing innovation is not easy. Either you keep the innovation, live off the revenue stream, or you sell the innovation, live off the monies acquired.

Relative to manufacturing innovation, App development, it would seem, is the new get-rich-quick scheme.

So then young Americans learn to code.

A solution that is formulated generically and mathematically can be implemented in any app or programming language.

A solution to a specific coding problem in context of an app may turn out to be totally ridiculous in context of a neighboring program or app. Solving a within-app problem does not necessarily induce generic capacity for problem solving.

Who benefits from a proletariat who sleep or live walk through virtual reality video games in comfort of their homes?

How exactly do driverless cars fit into this picture?

Who knows, the government just might have the digital wherewithal to code lock the microwave oven in your home because you bought outlawed non-GMO food.

The day during which guns will require a code from governments or corporations before they can be fired might not be far away. All it will take is a couple of ghastly school shootings to convince Americans of the necessity. Enter then Russian hackers, and Russia need not worry about exerting efforts on subversion of American elections.

After all, Americans continue to insist that school or mass shootings are a gun problem, not outgrowths of problems inherent in societal interactions.

By this argument, so long as guns are not available for purchase, it is okay for a kid who loses his parents, and loses his guardians, to be taunted at school by his classmates.

It does not take any genius for a coder’s uncle to have a relationship with Warren Buffett whose handwritten note of introduction secured access to a venture capitalist.

Is there any evidence that America is losing ground on problem solving skills?

So then, is free college education a uniquely realized approach to solving of problems that hound America’s educational system, or is it just politics (borrowing of ideas) as usual?

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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