The Real Reason ‘White People’ Have Attained to More than Every Other Race

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Colloquially, ‘a civilization is a way of life’. But then, a culture also is a way of life, meaning just about every culture qualifies as a civilization. In presence of highlighted quandary, a scientific deployment of the term civilization inherently has to imply more than a way of life, else it is redundant.

Deployed scientifically,a Civilization is a society within which people are encouraged to, and are able to specialize in different professions, with outcome money becomes medium of exchange, and conditional on acquisition of qualifications stipulated by society, people have a right not to be farmers, as such have the right to pursue a profession. If people are to have the right to pursue professions, and the right to exchange money for that most basic of necessities, food, farming also had to become a profession, and farmers had to be able to produce enough food for feeding of the rest of society. With this in mind, any economy within which farmers implicitly are regarded as second class citizens does not qualify as a civilization. In the United States, ‘farmer’ is considered a choice of profession, with outcome less than 5% of the population produces enough food for feeding of more than 95% of the population.

In a Civilization, people are, by intentional design, interdependent on one another. The State ensures everyone’s rights to professions are protected, and ensures farmers are able to produce enough for feeding of the rest of society at prices which do not require them to endure working conditions (time) that are inferior to those of other professions. If Accountants are able to earn a good living working 9.00 to 5.00, so also it must be for farmers.

On the contrary, we have that countries of Western Europe, United States, and the Scandinavian Countries qualify as civilizations, qualify as societies within which there exist well defined paths to development of professional careers.

It is important to note at this juncture that presence of universities within a country is not tantamount to presence of well defined paths to development of professional careers. It again is important to note that a job does not necessarily equate to feasibility of a professional career.

A job that does not have any prospect of progression in knowledge, ability, skills, and responsibilities does not qualify as a professional career.

There are many of such types of jobs in Africa, Latin America, South America, and Asia. In the United States, a kid from a Midwest State can by attending Harvard University, and without any parent associated networks land a job on Wall Street, then proceed to have a successful career. A dropout from High School can start off at the bottom of the ladder at McDonald's and rise up hierarchy of the organization, not be defined by his or her entry point. This is part of the essence of the ‘American Dream’.

Civilizations facilitate not just jobs, but professional careers. A job that does not have any potential for yielding of additional and higher responsibilities, with outcome there is demand for increase in ability, knowledge, and skills, does not qualify as a profession.

Because they are the only race that unequivocally is associated with arrival at civilizations.

Subsequent to demise of the Roman Empire about 476 AD, all of the civilizations that emerged largely were Western European. In this respect, the explicitly Christian Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Empire was the most visible evidence for Civilization between 325 and 1453 AD. While Muslims took over much of the East starting about 630 AD (Islam was founded somewhere between 612 and 615 AD), the focus was more on religious colonization, as opposed to development of civilizations. The snafu lay in the fact that the concept of fate, which is an important component of Islamic doctrine, induces conflicts that are not amenable to arrival at civilizations. In context of discipleship, it inherently is difficult to teach each of choice and fate to adherents of a religion. In presence of highlighted snafu, Islamic societies never really have produced any civilizations.

With exception perhaps of China, going back to ancient times, only civilizations that have been guided by Caucasians (Whites) have emerged as intellectual civilizations.

So then, let us be frank. Let us admit that White (Caucasian) people have good reason to feel proud about their achievements, about their propensity for arrival at intellectual civilizations.

Using historical and Biblical sources, there exist three parts of the world that did not encounter the gospel of Jesus Christ through any of his original 12 apostles, such as Peter, Paul, James, and John. These three parts of the world are: All of Africa south of Egypt; Mexico; Latin America; and South America.

Note that while the United States of America was not evangelized by any of the original 12 apostles of Jesus Christ, in terms of settlers, it was populated out of Western Europe and Scandinavia by descendants of those who directly encountered those original 12 apostles. Western Europe of course always has since the times of the Apostles being more Christian than otherwise.

It is safe to say that combined, Africa, Mexico, Latin America, and South America have the least reliable claims to arrival at civilizations.

While the gospel of Jesus Christ was preached in Asia, it did not remain viable. Christianity collapsed in Asia alongside sacking of the Christian Empire of Byzantium, which was a Caucasian (Roman) Empire located in the East, by Turks in 1453 AD. China would go on to persecute Christians until there virtually were none left within the region. While most of the Middle East was populated by vibrant Christian communities between 100 and 629 AD, this prior to emergence of Islam, most of the region now is Islamic in character. While China can be said to have produced something close to a civilization, no other country in Asia can be accorded such an achievement.

What then about Singapore, South Korea, and Hong Kong. Candidacy of Hong Kong is easy to debunk. Hong Kong is a product of British rule, not a product of self rule. While economic development of South Korea and Singapore is unquestionable, I find myself unable to accord economic development with arrival at a civilization. The rationale is as follows.

If the sense of well being of adolescents in a country depends on proficiency at mathematics, there in fact does not exist freedom of pursuit of professional careers. This is evident in the fact that kids who are not good at mathematics see themselves as second class kids. While it is true that presence of some segment of society that is good at mathematics is important for constraining of society towards rationality, some of the best mathematicians also have been some of the best composers of music. Johann Sebastian Bach was a mathematician and clearly, a great composer. Einstein is reputed to have declared that (I paraphrase): if he were not a physicist, he probably would be a composer. In presence of stylized evidence for glorification of proficiency at mathematics, and absence of similar regard for farming and/or composition of music, while it may be debatable, I am unable to accord either of South Korea or Singapore with status of Civilizations.

Now consider the United States of America, countries of Western Europe, and the Scandinavian Countries. While there have been abuses of principles of Christianity, such as equality of intrinsic worth of all men, in principle, all of these countries have been actively Christian. Simultaneously, all have, to one degree or the other, produced civilizations. We arrive then at an important insight about distributions of civilizations across the face of the earth, to wit:

All of the most advanced civilizations of the earth are those within which, no matter how imperfect the embrace, and up until recent times, rulers and people have embraced Christianity.

Historically, no other race has embraced principles of Jesus Christ as much as the White (Caucasian) race.

In Asia, subsequent to demise of the Byzantine Empire, social orders typically have become explicitly caste based. It inherently is difficult to combine a caste based social order with arrival at a civilization.

While social orders in Africa are not necessarily caste based, relations are rooted in ethnic arrangements. Given ethnic majorities tend to attempt to keep most of a country’s resources to themselves, ethnicity replicates economic and sociopolitical effects of caste based social orders.

It is straightforward that Latin America and South America suffer from the same problems as African countries, that is, regardless of absence of social orders that are explicitly caste based, arrive at economic outcomes that have character of caste based social orders.

A philosophy that has the most capacity for production of Civilizations is a philosophy that espouses equality of intrinsic worth of every person, of every human being, a philosophy that emphasizes ‘choice’ in context of self actualization.

While White people have struggled to live up to teachings of Jesus Christ, up until recent times, they had made progress. In recent times, however, bigoted and ignorant persons who have a distorted understanding of the true source of achievements of White people have begun fanning the flames of belief in intrinsic superiority of White people.

True, the USA, countries of Western Europe, and the Scandinavian Countries all have in the past justified owning of slaves. Yet, upon some pricking of their conscience, they of their own volition chose to abolish the slave trade. In this respect, it straightforwardly is factual that William Wilberforce and Abraham Lincoln both were White, not Asian, Black, or Latino.

While Wilberforce and Lincoln were pushing for abolition of slavery in their respective domains, slavery remained very much in force within Asia, Africa, Latin America, and South America. Prior to colonization, and in course of colonization, slavery was legal in much of Nigeria (see depiction in ‘Things Fall Apart’ by Chinua Achebe) — the most populous country in Africa. It was not until Nigeria gained independence in 1960 that slavery was in essence abolished, for the country could not gain independence, yet declare that any segment of the society could not be free. Last I checked, slavery was abolished in Britain in 1833, and by 1865 in the USA.

Say what you will about mistakes of the past, yet one thing you must concede, which is, relative to justification of slavery, consciences in the USA, Western Europe, and the Scandinavian Countries have been more sensitive to eradication of injustice than in any other parts of the world.

If a foundation is chipped at long enough, it eventually will lose capacity for sustaining a house.

Whenever a society is such that a shift in political power impoverishes some segment of the society, with outcome some segment of society is disenfranchised, this is evidence for introduction of some implicit caste system, a system which declares that somehow through no fault of theirs, some people have become undeserving of economic prosperity.

We already are seeing effects of this sort of chipping away at the foundations in the United States of America.

Consider, however, that Arabs or Muslims had about the same exposure to Mathematics and the Sciences as did Western Europe and the Scandinavian Countries, yet only in Western Europe and Scandinavia did this make any significant difference to standards of living for the average citizen or resident between say 1454 and 1913 AD.

It is claimed that a typesetter was invented in China prior to invention of the Gutenberg Press, which was invented in Western Europe for printing of the Bible. Yet only in Western Europe and the Scandinavian Countries did the typesetter become a tool for emancipation of the average citizen or resident at the exact time that it was invented, that is, about 1450 AD. It was not any press invented in China that popularized printing or publishing, such that printing and publishing became ubiquitous all around the world, rather it was the Gutenberg Press.

I ask then, “why is it that it is only in those countries who strove to practice an important principle put into play by Jesus Christ — the principle of equality of intrinsic worth of all men — that science and technology served to benefit the common man, the average citizen, the average resident?” If science and technology are more likely to yield benefits for the average citizen in countries that believe in intrinsic equality of mankind, is this not evidence for a causal relationship between adoption of Christian principles and arrival at a Civilization?

In this respect, consider that formal education — the mechanism that enables children become much more than is possible if simply they took up professions of their parents— is eminently a Caucasian mechanism, a mechanism that still is resisted in many countries of the Middle East and Asia. Absent the principle of equality of intrinsic worth, formal education does not make any sense, hence resistance to formal education of women in countries within which women are regarded as having lower intrinsic worth in relation to men.

The White (Caucasian) race is not intrinsically superior to any other race. Rather, the White man historically has been wise to, regardless of natural baseness of his heart — which is characteristic of all other races — recognize wisdom of teachings of Jesus Christ. If the White man gives in to baseness of his heart, seeks to become like countries who have rejected the wisdom that is equality of intrinsic worth of mankind (male, female, or child), the decay we see today in the USA and Western Europe only can be characterized as a beginning, as opposed to an end that corresponds with a renaissance.

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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