Donald Trump won elections in November of 2016 and became President of the United States of America in 2017. Since his election, we have been confronted with hysteria in regard of increase in racist attitudes within America.

Based on the hysteria, you would think dark skinned or Colored people in America had it great under Barack Obama.

The evidence suggests the contrary.

With their focus on how they had it great under President Bill Clinton, African Americans voted overwhelmingly for Mrs. Clinton in the 2016 American elections. They should have voted for Donald Trump because

there was no way Mrs. Clinton was going to do better than Barack Obama for African Americans. Like President Obama, she was unlikely to go against the grain and really engage with the black community in America in the most meaningful ways.

‘Worshiping’ with African Americans really does nothing to improve the lot of African Americans, or lives of immigrant dark skinned or Colored people.

Given how poorly President Obama did, it was worthwhile to explore possibilities with President Trump.

President Trump likes controversy — perhaps a tad too much for a President. Let’s face it, however,

when was the last time Americans felt America was trying to lead in world affairs prior to President Trump’s ascendancy to Office of President of the United States?

You may not like his style, his tweets, or his rants; like it or not, however,

it appears the United States of America once again is moving forward as opposed to merely standing still.

If President Trump can be patient, any threats to world peace will eventually be dealt with under collective action of the United Nations — the sort of collective will that generated a truly multilateral force for invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 (Unfortunately, President George W. Bush blew all of the goodwill on an unwarranted invasion of Iraq).

Being dark skinned myself, I implore fellow dark or Colored people living, resident in, or citizens of America to really look at the evidence, as opposed to reacting to any dramatic vitriol in their vicinity.

Yes, there is racism in America. Racism having being more pronounced and prominent under Barack Obama, however, let’s not jump the gun to predict it will be even higher under Donald Trump. It is way too early for any such pronouncement.

I do not have the statistics, but I lived through the entire 8 years of George W. Bush’s tenure as President and President Obama’s first term. Yes there was the New Orleans debacle. But with focus on interactions with law enforcement only, male African Americans’ lives had more value under George W. Bush than under Barack Obama.

Let not dark skinned and Colored people react to hysteria of certain segments of people (racial bigots) as opposed to the evidence. Ultimately, President Trump can turn out to be a good leader for dark and colored segments of the United States of America. If we call it ahead of time, however, we may shoo the President away from the cause.

Bigots have always been part of America. Yet again, bigots have been known to give up bigotry.

Whether bigots change for the better or not, let’s not shoo away the reasonable white man or woman from the cause for greater equity in American society with racism hysteria.

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