The Profundity that is, ‘Love Never Fails’

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Love Never Fails (1 Corinthians 13:8).

Love indeed does Fail.

The evidence in the world appears to be inconsistent with the assertion that ‘Love Never Fails’.

While faith always must have some metaphysical element to it, else it ceases to be faith, there simultaneously exists demand for rationality of principles that are demonstrated in context of said faith.

So then, in presence of real world evidence for seeming failure of love, is it possible that there exists some rationalizing explanation for the assertion, by one of the foremost apostles of Jesus Christ that, ‘Love Never Fails’?

In Christian Philosophy, the goal of the Love that God has demonstrated for us in His Son Jesus Christ is: Peaceful coexistence of life on earth; Peace in man’s relations with God; and Capacity for maintenance of peacefulness in context of challenging circumstances of life.

If all choose to love, it is a truism that ‘Love Does Not Fail’ to produce Peacefulness of Coexistence of Life on Earth.

But is it true that Rejection of Love translates into ‘Love has Failed’?

The assertion that ‘Love that is Rejected’ is ‘Love that has Failed’ is an assertion that does not pass the test of philosophical rationality.

Absent presence of power of choice, any and every philosophical postulation is useless, non-pragmatic, lacking in merit.

When success of love is predicated on love that does not, in presence of rejection, devolve into hatred, it is a truism that Love Never Fails, for Love always produces peacefulness of coexistence.

Love truly is Love only if in presence of rejection it accepts power of choice of it’s target, as such chooses to live at peace with choice made by another. Clearly, Love that attempts to violate another’s power of choice inherently is self contradictory.

Accepted or Rejected, commonality of Love that passes the test of rationality is ‘Peacefulness of Coexistence’.

Love that is accepted adds ‘relationship’ to peacefulness of coexistence.

When Love is Rational, when the focus of Love is Peaceful Coexistence, Divorce does not destroy fabric of peacefulness that previously had subsisted in society.

Divorce destroys peacefulness of coexistence, only because Love ceases, transforms into hatred. But it is not then Love that is the problem; rather, it is absence of maintenance of Love.

If parents refuse to take responsibility for character of their adult children, if they focus on being there, on provision of any help that is in their power, if they choose not to be judgmental, rather provide advice, and focus on provision of love that is within their power, peacefulness of the parent-child relationship is maintained.

All Jesus expects is that the Church not make those in need of it’s help feel the help will continue only if they accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Professed Love that does not allow for Power of Choice is Attempt at Control of Others, Masquerading as Love.

The decision to wait to choose love, this only consequent on choice of love by others is, in of itself, attempt by everyone at controlling everyone else.

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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