The ‘Not Well Thought Out’ ‘We Love Ukraine’ Story from the West

Oghenovo Obrimah, PhD
6 min readJul 23, 2022
Looks three-dimensional, yet consists solely of pencil lines on a flat surface. Courtesy: Art Institute of Chicago

As the version of the story that is told by the West goes, Ukraine got shafted in course of the conversations that entailed in context of workouts of Perestroika, that is, the dissolution of the USSR. In context of those negotiations, Ukraine gave up it’s missiles to Russia, and agreed, relative to either of Russia or NATO, to have characterization as a neutral country. Now, the West feels Ukraine ought to have the right to join NATO and Ukraine feels it ought to have the right to join NATO. But the erstwhile German Chancellor, Angela Merkel is on record with the assertion, to wit, attempts at incorporation of Ukraine into NATO have, necessarily characterization as declarations of war on Russia.

If parties to a gentleman’s agreement feel the need to renegotiate, should they not engage in formal renegotiation, as opposed to bullish informal talk?

So then, the West encourages Ukraine to go toe-to-toe with Russia in a war that, absent any capacity for hitting at Russia in Russia, Ukraine supposedly is able to win. Further, to discourage Russia from a protracted engagement with the war, the West has chosen to wean itself off Russian oil and gas.

But wait a minute. If Western European countries do not buy gas that is funneled through Russia’s pipelines, Ukraine whose economy depends on the commissions it receives in exchange for hosting said pipes also does not make any money. Location of the oil and gas in Russia is not outcome of perestroika; Russia did not seize the oil wells, the oil wells reside properly in Russia’s territory cannot be asserted to have been ‘stolen’ from Ukraine.

Long and short, the West is going to help Ukraine self actualize by helping it do away with it’s most important source of income? It will take upwards of a decade of innovation and investment for Ukraine to arrive at sources of income that replace those commissions.

At the commencement of the war, the West was bold to act as if, consequent on it’s non-specialization…

Oghenovo Obrimah, PhD

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