The core of Christianity is very simple, Jesus as Lord and Savior. The ‘how’ of Christianity — how exactly to actualize Jesus as Lord and Savior in context of a meaningful friendship and relationship — much more complex, not because God has made it difficult, rather because knowledge of the ‘how’ somehow has, over the years become obsfucated, become unclear.

Here in my response, I provide the spoiler on one of the activities grossly misunderstood by Christians, which is, we do not grow as Christians because we read the Bible. We grow as Christians because we practice love for others. Reading the Bible works only when it encourages and helps us love others as Jesus Christ has loved us.

This is one of the most profound errors of modern Christianity — people thinking and believing it is by reading the Bible that they get to know Jesus Christ.

The truth of the gospel is, it is by doing our best to love others, with reading of the Bible, prayer, thanksgiving, and fellowship with other Christians exercises or activities that are helpful, that brings us into personal connection and fellowship with Jesus Christ.

I read the Bible (well, with exception of the Books of Ezekiel, Jeremiah, and Revelation perhaps) many times over between 1990 and 2010. Nothing profound happened. But in 2011, I connected with Jesus Christ in a personal sense. Now, I feel the presence of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in my life. There is a certainty of being in presence of Jesus Christ and the Father I never felt the previous 20 years.

What happened? In the midst of my love walk being pushed to the limit in context of my relationships, somehow I broke through the body of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ into the presence of His Father, my Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth. Can I describe how it happened? Absolutely not. Do I know the exact moment? Would be lying.

But not knowing when or how is scriptural. All of the New Testament declares it is God who reveals Himself to us, as opposed to us finding Him out. We seek Him not so we can by our efforts discover Him, but so He sees the genuineness of our desire and effort, then chooses to reveal Himself to us (John 14:21; 13:34–35).

In Christianity, we do not find God, we impress Him with our sincerity, desire, and effort so He considers the risk of revealing Himself to us, the risk of inviting us into His presence an extremely low risk. The risk is not that He gets hurt, the risk is that after He reveals Himself, we spurn the grace we once celebrated, tarnish His name. God cursed David because in the decision to commit murder, he tarnished God’s name in view of all of Israel’s enemies.

Many people become agnostic because it appears Christianity does not work. It is not, however, that Christianity does not work. Rather, it is the case that we do not understand the ‘how’ and we are too impatient with God.

If it takes at least 17 years of studying to become ‘White Collar’ job certified, and at least another 6 years to obtain a high quality full time PhD, why is it we expect to get to know God in one week, one month, or one year?

If you want to find out for sure if all of those years spent being Christian really were or were not a waste, I encourage you to check out my book titled,

In Jesus Name.

Even if you do not change your mind about reality of Jesus Christ, you at least would have a better understanding as to why things did not work out previously. Or yet perhaps you will find out you practiced everything recommended in the book and yet things did not work out.

Oh and by the way, yeah speaking in tongues can sound silly, but the best part of it is only God need think of it as not silly for it to yield any spiritual value for the person speaking in tongues. Kind of one way God demonstrates His greatness — that He understands us even when our words come out all gibberish.

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