The Chink in New Year’s Resolutions

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May the year 2021 be filled with light — light that brings newness and innovation into life. Amen. Picture Copyright: Shutterstock

here was a day that preceded Galileo’s famous shout of ‘Eureka’. Then, there was that infamous day on which, while meditating in course of taking of a bath, no less, he burst out, ‘Eureka’ .

There was a day that preceded Einstein’s completion of the proof of E=mc². Then, there was the day the proof was completed, and the infamous day. on which his peers agreed the proof was true, the result novel and brilliant.

There was a day that preceded Newton’s decision to loiter beneath an apple tree. Then, there was the day that the loitering produced richness of insight into mathematics and mechanics of the law of gravity.

Regardless of events that transpired, each of enumerated days count as only one day;

et, as is evident from differences in events, enumerated days do not count as equals. Without the day of acceptance of Einstein’s new theory, neither of Russians nor Americans would have days of wonder at launching of their first shuttles into space in the 1960s.

Without the day on which Newton discovered the law of gravity, you and I would not have days of travel on planes to meet loved ones, perform jobs we love, or conduct business transactions— absent precision of mathematical computations for overcoming of gravity, planes would not exist.

Without Galileo’s ‘Eureka’, mankind still would believe Earth resides at center of the universe, as such, still would consider ourselves, spectacle of the universe, the phenomenon to be sought out, the phenomenon to be understood. Consequent on Galileo’s finding, man recognized puniness of Earth’s placement in the solar system and universe, became interested in ‘what lies out there’ beyond Earth’s atmosphere. Galileo’s day of ‘Eureka’ gave birth to all of the days Einstein would devote to pursuit of E=mc².

All days count as 24 hours, but all days do not end equal. Some days render all future days more enjoyable.

he defining characteristic of days that render all future days more enjoyable? Typically, they are preceded by days of toil that seemingly do not produce any definite outcomes. In this respect, Einstein labored on his law of relativity while a clerk in the Swiss Patent Office. Galileo and Einstein labored for years prior to arriving at their mathematical insights and proofs. If either of Einstein, Newton, or Galileo had measured their progress by tangible outcomes achieved in course of any one year, as opposed to by either of increase to understanding, or achievement of some progress, they likely would have given up on their quests ever before success could have been attained.

Philosophy provides an apt illustration of dichotomy that subsists between ‘progress’ and ‘tangible outcomes’. Philosophy is quest for truth about life, and how exactly man ought to view and live life. With the assumption that truth is not known for sure in tow, philosophy only is able to measure progress towards truth, not achievement of truth. In this respect, consider that in presence of preexisting knowledge of A and B, that arrival at understanding of the link that subsists between A and B constitutes progress, but yet does not result in any new tangible outcome, C say.

Suppose then, merely because it is perceived that truth, as yet, is not attained, that progress is not valued. Well then, the incentive for, and efforts towards truth are dampened, because absent arrival at understanding of links that subsist between all A’s and B’s, any and all claims to arrival at truth are bogus. With establishment of such links not valued, the incentive for, and efforts for truth are dampened. Eventually, efforts towards truth taper out, die.

New Year’s resolutions tend not to hold water, tend to taper out, shrivel, and die, because they are statements of truth to be attained within some specified window of time, as opposed to statements of activities and progress to be cherished.

you desire 2021 to be a better year, it is progress to be cherished —statements of ‘desirable changes to your lifestyle’ — that have staying power, not statements of truths — resolutions to be attained within some window of time.

Some day in history, Einstein decided to pursue mathematical proof of the law of relativity — arrived at statement of a desirable change to his lifestyle’. Ditto Newton and Galileo, who each arrived at the decision that pursuit of understanding of gravity and the solar system constituted desirable changes to their respective lifestyles.

None of the three scientists specified the year that the truth had to be achieved; in fact, did not know the truth to be arrived at with exactness of precision until it was discovered, only could specify activities to which, hitherto they would commit themselves. None achieved their objectives instantaneously, but yet labored continuously at the objective, celebrating worthwhile nature of the activity and improvements to understanding until progress, and eventually truth were accomplished.

Worthwhile achievements are defined by statements of activities to be desired and pursued, not by specification of timing of achievement of a truth — a truth that, after the fact, might turn out to have character of an undersell.

all of my regular readers, I appreciate consistency of appreciation of my words. It is my hope that you have felt enriched by words that I have penned over the course of the year.

If you are reading one of my posts for the very first time, I hope you feel enriched by words that you have read, and hope you continue to appreciate my words in the year to come.

Far and away — by popular vote — my best post this year was, ‘If Kant is Right…’ If you had yet to come across it, I hope you find the time to take a peek at the post. A post that sheds additional light on subject matter of this current post is titled, ‘Backward Induction, Reality, and Time’. I hope you enjoy either one or the other, or both.

To all, I hope that you usher in the year 2021 with statements of desirable changes to lifestyle, as opposed to statements of timing of achievement of truths, statements that, perhaps sell you short, as opposed to ‘over the top’.

I wish you all a safe 2021. I wish you also a new year filled with all of the desirable lifestyles from 2020, and new lifestyle commitments that aid you in your quest for the truth of who you really are, for the truth of all that you feasibly are able to be, not only in 2021, but in all of time to come.

Happy New Year and God Bless.

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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