The beauty of Christian beliefs is that while we can refuse to change our beliefs because we hold them to be true, we always are supposed to love the person who differs from us. We are supposed to overlook the differences in our relations with one another.

I do not have to agree with another person on their beliefs in order to do good to that person when it is my power so to do.

In our quest for authenticity of our relationship with Jesus Christ, however, we should be careful not to throw off restraint.

God places spiritual leaders in church whether within context of organized church, or diaspora of Christians outside of organized church.

In the Old Testament, Korah along with his allies and Miriam, Moses’ very own sister coveted leadership of Moses and challenged his and Aaron’s leadership. Miriam caught leprosy but God had mercy on her because of her service of love in the past to Jehovah’s cause. Korah and his allies died in their rebellion (Numbers Chapter 16).

The Scriptures say to “test other spirits” (1John 4:1) not reject all spirits except ours. There is a lesson here. If we reject spirits sent to us by God for our spiritual empowerment because we trust only in our own spirits, we may reject whatever God has produced for our spiritual benefit.

An important test of authenticity of spirit is true humility. True spiritual leaders never attempt to segregate themselves off as having so much better knowledge of God they are to be revered. While they in fact do have deeper knowledge of God, they address other believers as fellow pilgrims not people unable to understand by themselves or people that are dependent on them for knowledge of God. This is one area in which leaders within organized church fail perhaps not because they have bad motives but because in their set up as mega pastors they have made it impossible for themselves to act otherwise.

Consider what this means. If Peter, James, and John had rejected authority on Paul that they recognized, God would have had to discard all three and committed the gospel in its entirety to Paul. This did not happen of course because Jesus had prepared them to be truly humble leaders. True spiritual leadership never covets attention and reverement to the extent it is willing to reject new spiritual authority for which there is evidence of anointing and choice of the Holy Spirit.

Let us not reject the principle of spiritual leadership, which remains a valid spiritual principle just because leadership within context of organized church largely has been corrupted by love of money, politics, focus on religion, or power. Remember it is the Holy Spirit who sets in the church Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists etc. If we reject the Holy Spirit, we reject Jesus Christ and the Father.

It never is a good idea to throw out the baby with dirty bath water.

I have discussed in some prior posts how I found spiritual enlightenment in “True Spirituality” by Francis Schaeffer. I do not know the nature of her ministry, but “Reduce Me To Love” by Joyce Meyer challenged me spiritually. While I was challenged to love, Reduce Me To Love did nothing to provide a road map for arrival at the Love destination. Neither did True Spirituality. The Holy Spirit having self taught me over the course of about 10 years even as I wrestled spiritually in order to understand, has inspired me to pen the book titled, In Jesus Name — a road map for arrival at the Love God expects of us as Christians. Arrival at love does not happen by magic. If we do not understand “how to” the journey either is impossible or difficult. God gives revelations to ease our journey not for self aggrandizement of the revelator.

All of these books are examples of spiritual leadership by revelation outside of confines of organized church. It is not the case that God no longer gives new revelations; rather it is the case new revelations must conform with knowledge of God revealed in the New Testament, with interpretation of the Old Testament conditioned on new truths now evinced in the New Testament. If God sends to us spiritual blessings and we reject these blessings because we want to be our own leaders, we may be walking on dangerous ground. There is no substitute for Jesus Christ.

There are no substitutes for rejected revelations that are true.

I note here that when we refresh and encourage one another on the internet as is the case in these conversations, we already are fellowshipping with one another as is the objective of organized church.

The Internet and Medium are part of God’s answer to failure of organized church.


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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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