Thanks for the nice words Paul.

You are right about the implication that we need to take morality, values, spirituality seriously in order to solve problems facing the world, particularly the West. With America the undisputed leader of the world, that of course means America has a huge part to play.

As a Christian, I believe Jesus, who is the Word (Logos) tabernacled in a body, is the answer. But then in a secular world, I’ll celebrate morality from non-Christians, then hope for more.

While faith transcends reason, faith is not dichotomous from reason (I encourage you to check out this piece). Personally, I cannot place my faith in a system of beliefs that does not conform with reason. It is one of the reasons I am a Christian — the reasonableness and love of the Christian God, and reasonableness of His demands.

When Jesus says we worship God by treating our very own selves and others in our sphere of influence right, this suggests God is not about self aggrandizement, but about relationship.

The thing one has to be careful about is not to signal to non-Christians that unless they believe in Jesus Christ there does not exist any common ground for values, or working together for solving problems.

If all non-Christians practice the last six of the Decalogue, which already are enshrined in civil laws all over the world, and Christians love everyone as Jesus has loved them, that still would be one ‘heaven’ of an Utopia.

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