Inertia implies requirement of some external force for generation of desirable movement in any particular direction. By this definition it is not remaining in one spot, location, or situation that constitutes inertia. Rather, it is lack of energy for movement in contexts within which movement in any particular direction is desirable and expedient that constitutes inertia.

In stock markets, investors sometimes are characterized by what is referred to as Knightian Uncertainty. Whenever investors experience Knightian Uncertainty they are unsure as to interpretation of events transpiring within stock markets. In light of uncertainty of interpretation they choose not to alter their portfolios in any way. Within context of Knightian Uncertainty, investors remain in a particular situation because directionality of movement expected to induce improvements in outcomes is unclear. There is stationarity, equivalently lack of movement. There is not any inertia.

The dichotomy between standing still and inertia lies in the fact that absent understanding of another person’s situation, the mere fact they are standing still cannot be construed as inertia or unwillingness to move forward. Think a struggling marriage, struggling business, struggling friendship, struggling town, city, country, or association of countries. Whenever there is uncertainty as to the best path forward, standing still, which is not equivalent to inertia, can be wisdom.

Consider a man whose wife is totally dependent on him financially and who with his wife has three children. Suppose the wife is on a path to financial independence but has yet to arrive. Now assume that partly because the wife wishes to already have arrived at financial independence but has not, her unhappiness introduces some frictions into the marriage, unhappiness her husband sympathizes with because he understands her frustrations. If this man divorces his wife in this situation, he can wonder whether he is throwing the baby out with the bath water. Perhaps if he endures until his wife is financially independent the marriage can heal because his wife’s source of unhappiness no longer would be a problem. If the man waits patiently and his wife changes, his marriage is saved and he is happy. If the man waits and his wife does not change, he knows now absence of financial independence was not the real source of her unhappiness. He can walk away from the marriage with full knowledge he did not abandon his wife when it seemed she needed him most — when she needed his help for arrival at financial independence. He walks away because a marriage between two financially independent persons continues not to work. His actions cannot be misconstrued as abandonment of a woman who sacrificed time to have his children.

When standing still is a function of inertia, there is need for acquisition of energy necessary for moving forward. If ever there was any need for spirituality, it is for resolving of problem of inertia.

Among Christians the recipe for avoidance of inertia is extremely profound and found in only one place in entirety of Christian Scriptures, The Bible. In 2Peter Chapter 1 (verses 5 through 8) the recipe for avoidance of inertia is stated (I paraphrase) as follows.

Start with faith in Jesus Christ. Add into this faith virtue. Add into your faith and virtue self discipline. Into the conglomeration of your faith, virtue, and discipline add perseverance. Into the previous four character traits add progressively godliness, love for your Christian brother or sister, and love for everyone else. If you do this you will never have any inertia or lack of capacity for achieving good objectives in your life.

The Christian recipe for avoidance of inertia is always to strive to add something good into character. Not money, not fame, not power, not popularity, not beauty, not sex, character.

Note how a Christian has first to learn how to get along with another person who also believes in Jesus Christ before he or she is required to have capacity to love those who do not share in his faith in Jesus Christ. One wonders whether Christians in reality are not doing more of loving of those who do not share their faith than those who share their faith. Note also how avoidance of inertia is responsibility of a Christian not responsibility of Jesus Christ, the Christian’s Savior.

Why would the Christian recipe, which excepting of faith in Jesus Christ can be adopted by non-Christians, be expected to work?

Spiritual energy sufficient for enablement of improvements in character always will be sufficient for achieving professional or personal objectives that have to do with life on earth. Spiritual change requires far more energy to achieve than personal or professional change.

When it comes to standing still or moving forward it is courage we need. We already have wisdom of knowing what to do. I hope you have confidence to stand still when standing still is right but others expect movement from you. I hope also you have courage to move forward when others are of a contrary opinion.

For resolution or avoidance of inertia what we need is a consistent and reliable source of spiritual energy. What is your source of consistent, reliable spiritual energy for resolution or avoidance of inertia?

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