Stalemates always are created by a ‘Might is Right’ Attitude

Oghenovo Obrimah, PhD
4 min readJan 22, 2022

It is a good thing that the United States of America and NATO are standing up for Ukraine. Like the President of Ukraine asserted recently, essence of justice is standing up for the little guy. But if the little guy is protected, the little guy ends up with the rights of the big guy, as such ought not be belittled with addendum of the ‘little’ adjective, as in ‘little Ukraine’.

While the stand up act from the USA and NATO ought to be celebrated, the stand up act also ought to be bounded by reason. The rationale is straightforward, namely it simultaneously is wrong to believe or assert that combined might of the USA and NATO (military and economic) suffices for rightness of their philosophical positions.

Might is Right’ is not any different from ‘Russia can invade Ukraine if it feels like’.

The issue at stake that ought to be subjected to reasoning? Russia wants assurances from NATO — of which the USA also is member — that it will not attempt to incorporate countries that formerly were part of the Soviet Union into NATO. Now, if Russia equates NATO to the European Union, which is an economic, as opposed to a military bloc, clearly Russia makes unreasonable demands. But if Russia dichotomizes membership in NATO from membership in the European Union, then it makes reasonable demands, because,

If NATO needs to be in countries that formerly were part of the USSR in order to be able to take on Russia, NATO needs to look inwards, not at Russia.

Countries that formerly were part of the Soviet Union need not be part of NATO in order for NATO to be willing and able to stand up for their Sovereignty.

If NATO does not have any latent aggression towards Russia, it ought not to have any desire to be in the countries that formerly were part of the Soviet Union.

Most of the Countries that formerly were part of the Soviet Union operate hybrid Socialist-Communist economies that inherently are not a good fit for membership in the European Union ; is the European Union signaling it wants to incentivize those countries towards Capitalist-Socialist philosophies? Should Russia then not be wary?



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