Spiritual or not, religious or not, non-religious or not, faith requires evidence. Faith that merely is outcome of a decision or an opinion, faith arrived at independent of any requirement of evidence is commonly referred to as an assumption.

Assumption assumes it knows all there is to be known. Never is truly humble enough to learn from others, events, or knowledge accumulated in repositories such as books.

Einstein was as expert as you get when it comes to scientists exploring secrets or laws of the universe. Einstein concluded (I paraphrase):

The order and precision that exists in the universe speaks to existence of an intelligent mind. While I do not believe this intelligent mind is a personal God (a God with whom relationship is possible), the evidence alludes to presence of such a mind, equivalently existence of such an entity.

If Einstein is right (with abstraction away from whether God can be personal or not, which Einstein himself stated was pure opinion not a derivation from any scientific evidence),

The supernatural or the spiritual exists.

Will you consider this scientific evidence alongside other evidences not from ‘in your face, intruding in your space’ evangelists, people smugly bearing rehearsed testimonies, belligerent preachers, former sodomites, hypocrites, prostitutes, people who think they only are happy etc.; will you consider scientific evidence for possibility of existence of the spiritual or supernatural?

If the evidence from scientists also is not relevant, your decision to reject existence of the supernatural merely is a choice, an opinion, an assumption.

I ask, however, would you throw yourself in front of a car moving at 100 miles/hour thinking you cannot be killed at that speed unless you had prior evidence of such a capacity? With prior evidence you demonstrate faith. Without prior evidence you are acting on assumption.

Even Superman (treat as anecdote) tried jumping from one mountain to another before he attempted to and realized he could fly. He acted on evidence.

Let us be clear about one thing. Refusal to believe in the supernatural or spirituality is not evidence of any sort of intellectual superiority. Most times it is nothing but a symptom of refusal to confront scientific evidence.

Is there evidence for refusal to confront scientific evidence? Well, let’s read your piece (post) again and ask ourselves, “Is this opinion or response to hard (objectively verifiable) scientific evidence?”

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