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In absence of capital markets that facilitate mortgages and car notes, exactly what proportion of Americans would have capacity for living the good life?

It was in part research in Finance (Carhart 1997), which showed the averagely performing mutual fund did not outperform the S&P500, that led to removal of upfront (load) fees by most mutual funds.

Employees of corporations are able to receive stock option grants only because, combined, Merton (1973) and Black and Scholes (1973) developed valuation models for pricing of options.

If top journals in different disciplines are willing to publish such nonsense, how exactly are people, such as Donald Trump, not to arrive at disdain for research, the research process, and journal publications?

The problem?

“I do not think that this paper should be published in a journal of this quality.”

How exactly is it reasonable for a scientific study to be rejected on basis of a non-substantiated subjective opinion?

“We do not think that our readers will find this article of interest.”

If the research and publication process have become politicized, why should a Donald Trump not hold research in disdain?

After all, a politicized research process is not any different from fibbing on part of politicians that gets them elected into political office.

Sounds implausible? Well, consider that researchers at two top universities in North Carolina — Duke University and the University of North Carolina — recently were found guilty of falsifying research outcomes, in part for earning of grants from government agencies.

What then has happened to research, and the research process?

But does this not imply that research no longer serves it’s main purpose, which is advancement of frontiers of knowledge?

If research and the research process have become more about who you know, more about networks, and sizes of networks, as opposed to quality of research, how exactly are researchers any different from politicians?

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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