Note, however, that I am trying to reach out to both Christians and non-Christians. For non-Christians, what already is common, as already enshrined in civil law in most countries is the last six commandments of the Decalogue.

In secular society, all of the good in different cadres of spirituality to which all agree becomes part of secular law, else we end up with a persecution complex. While Christian teachings go deeper than the Decalogue, both Jesus and the Apostle Paul reemphasized the last six commandments of the Decalogue as relevant. Clearly, if our non-Christian neighbors live up to the last six of the Decalogue, this is common ground Christians can appreciate.

In so far as depth of Christian teachings is concerned, I focused on leader-follower interactions. Clearly, this was one of the most important lessons of life of Jesus Christ, which is, the requirement that those who believe in Him not mistreat those over whom they have authority, rather to seek their welfare.

I also emphasized the fact that when it comes to self actualization, without spiritual help, people tend to develop blind spots, as such are willing to mistreat others. This the case because people develop an “it’s them or me” mentality. Essentially, an “if I do not get them, then they may get me mindset”, a mindset which makes people willing to be the first to do wrong to a perceived enemy.

I of course recommended faith in Jesus Christ for addressing this most glaring of human weaknesses.

As America increasingly deals with wealth gaps, it once again has become imperative to ask whether there are avenues for further incorporation of Jesus’ teachings on good leadership and work place competition into secular affairs.

I hope this response helps clarifies what I intended to achieve with the post.

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

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