Rational Trumpism

Donald Trump did not win office of President of the USA by lottery. He won first by defeating career politicians within his party. So let’s stop acting like he stole the presidency.

Donald Trump won because the field of career politicians fielded by both political parties was perhaps the weakest in modern times. Donald Trump won fair and square.

After eight years of the USA’s avoidance of stepping on relevant people’s toes under Barack Obama, Donald Trump is a breath of fresh air. What good is power and leadership if those to whom it is entrusted will not even attempt to use it? Responsible use? Yes. But only power that is used can be used responsibly.

If President Trump can curb his excesses and focus on getting things done, albeit with his own style — responsible advantageous belligerence inclusive — more grease to his elbows, more wisdom to his visage, more power to the people, and many happy returns for the electoral college system of the United States of America.



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