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Ah, the age old question, “what exactly is purpose of life?” One thing is sure, if life has purpose, there must be joy in pursuit of purpose else what exactly is point of purposefulness of life?

Joyless purpose is meaningless, lifeless, capricious ‘God makes fun of puny human creations’ centered existence. Anyone want that? If purpose by design were to be joyless, it would be better if the nihilists won and all of humanity were to commit suicide en mass.

Do we see purpose in life? When we think of Johann Sebastian Bach, Beethoven, Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, Michelangelo do we see purpose, ability, self discipline for achievement, perseverance, belief in pursuit of art, music, or science as purpose, as opposed to mere work for a living?

In light of their masterpieces, it is easy to conclude Bach, Beethoven, Newton, Curie, Michelangelo all lived for a purpose. One would have to be naturally gifted we muse, gifted with purpose for creation of such magnificent masterpieces.

But could Bach, Beethoven, Newton, Curie, or Michelangelo have achieved their masterpieces if they had not believed in their ability, knowledge, and capacity for creation of beauty? Without belief there could not have been studious application to development of their craft. In absence of belief in their pursuits, determination necessary for weathering of challenges of life clearly would have been lacking.

Without belief in possibility of purpose, none of self discovery, self discipline, self mastery, dedication to a craft, mastery of a craft, and creation of exceptional beauty lie within reach.

Belief in and love for purpose gives joy in midst of all that is necessary for perception and achievement of purpose.

Purpose stumbled upon is no less purpose than purpose actively and knowingly pursued. Without effort necessary for mastery, neither of a stumbling upon nor a knowing pursuit of purpose have capacity for yielding of exceptional beauty.

If in light of their achievements we regard Bach, Beethoven, Newton, Curie, or Michelangelo to be favored with purpose, why not you then? Are you any less significant than a Bach, Beethoven, Newton, Curie, or Michelangelo?

Finding of joy in pursuit of purpose is possible only if we believe, only if we have faith, with faith reposed in love. Combined, faith and love produce joy in midst of pursuit of purpose.

Guided I believe by divine wisdom I have both knowingly and stumblingly developed faith and love in pursuit of purpose. I have discovered a wellspring of joy in faith and love necessary for pursuit of purpose. I am able to wake up everyday filled with a sense of purpose, with my day filled with meaningful objectives which have capacity for beauty, perhaps even transcendent exceptional beauty.

If you will develop faith and love in context of pursuit of purpose, joy of life as refreshing wellspring which never dries up eminently is within reach.

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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