People who have an urge to steal, with stealing considered immoral behavior consider themselves ill, refer to themselves as kleptomaniacs. People who have uncontrollable urge for sex, who recognize this as not right, refer to themselves as nymphomaniacs.

The point?

That we experience an urge or desire cannot in of itself render any urge or desire moral, right, spiritually upright, evidence of self discipline.

Jesus says, “Take up your cross and follow me,” meaning “be willing to give up anything I declare not to be good for you.

The church can love those who give in to homosexuality or lesbianism, yet insist such behavior is contrary to becoming of true followers of Jesus Christ.

1 Corinthians 6:9–11 makes very clear homosexuality is unacceptable not to me — a fellow Christian — but to Jesus Christ. I do not regard homosexuality incompatible with teachings of Jesus Christ because I hate homosexuals or lesbians, I hold it unacceptable because Jesus through the Holy Spirit and Apostle Paul declares it unacceptable to Himself and the Father.

I will buy a phone, a jeans, anything produced by a homosexual or lesbian. I will sit next to a homosexual or lesbian in context of a church service. I will give a loving hug to a homosexual or lesbian in context of church fellowship. At the same time, if I were to be in a position to object, I would object to appointment of a homosexual or lesbian to leadership positions in church.

Leadership in church must be reserved for those who already have taken up their cross for following of Jesus Christ.

The Church founded on Jesus Christ is both a spiritual entity and a social entity. Homosexuals and lesbians must be accepted socially — must be loved — but without any compromise to spiritual health of the Church founded on Jesus Christ.

Love is not abandonment of standards. Love is accepting and relating with people even when they fall short of standards. But then, who is asking if none are disclosing? And why disclose if not feeling guilty? Heterosexuals never feel an urge to declare their sexuality to their pastors.

It is spiritually irresponsible of homosexuals and lesbians to demand the Church give up its standards so they can have what they ought to have regardless, the love and acceptance of fellow Christians.

I know some Christians ‘hate on’ homosexuals and lesbians. There are many reasons for this, some of which include ignorance as to how to dichotomize ‘holding up of standards’, from ‘demonstration of unconditional love for others’.

What we need to emphasize in Christian circles is the fact that we must separate ‘holding up of standards’ from ‘demonstration of unconditional love’ to those who for many different reasons struggle with standards of Christian living.

Ephesians 4:22 makes clear there are deceitful desires empowered by man’s fall into sin. We must not begin to validate such desires — desires such as homosexuality and lesbianism — merely because people seek acceptance in context of church.

Love never must imply undermining of standards. If homosexuals and lesbians destroy the spiritual health of the church within which they seek acceptance, they cut off their nose to spite their face.

But then perhaps, that is the intent of those hidden away in the shadows who want the church to lose moral authority in America.

One thing is sure. We all will be the worse for it if we allow an institution whose principles are associated with the greatest civilizations ever created on this planet to become irrelevant in context of American polity.

In this respect, I ask, what exactly do homosexuals and lesbians seek to substitute for moral authority of the Church in America? Buddhism, Islam, New Age Beliefs? Have these worked as well as Christianity for producing of civilization in places within which they originated? Have any of these belief systems ever by themselves created a thriving Middle and Upper Middle Class?

Most countries who have thriving Middle and Upper Middle Class citizens or residents are founded on Christian principles.

There exists a thriving Middle and Upper Middle Class in America, Europe and other countries founded on Christian beliefs because of the equality that is central to Christian beliefs, because Christianity formalized education, making it possible for anyone to transition away from their parents’ occupations to become whatever they believed they had capacity to become.

Without Christianity, America would not be the great country it is today. Let us not destroy foundations of Christianity with unnecessary bickering over what is not ambiguous, all so we can have what already Jesus allows for — those not ready to bear their cross, but who seek to remain close to Him with hope someday they will receive the life, light, and strength they need for repudiating of deceitful desires.

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