Past Success, Good Intentions, and Appropriateness of Tools

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Suppose an item is screwed tight with a flat nut. If you hand an engineer who won an award in course of 2018 a screwdriver with a hexagonal tip for unscrewing of the flat nut, more likely than not, 30 days later, he or she still will be at same task.

If the engine of a car functions on diesel, and you ask the best race car driver in the world to fill it up with gas for a 100-mile race, more likely than not, the best race car driver in the world comes out last.

Embedded in notions of ability is capacity for deciphering and adhering to application of tools that are appropriate to tasks or objectives.

We arrive then at yet another important inference, which is, coupled together, good intentions and past success are not substitutes for knowledge of, and willingness to apply appropriate tools to either of resolving of tasks, or achievement of objectives.

It is straightforwardly clear that neither of good intentions, nor past success are substitutes for appropriateness of tools.

As already articulated, combined, GI and SPE are not substitutes for appropriateness of tools that will be deployed by the next President of the United States of America. Regardless of past success of any of the Democratic Candidates, adoption of tools that are inappropriate to resolving of societal ills and problems only will result in bogging down of the sociopolitical and economic landscape for yet another four years.

Can the United States of America survive yet another four years that are rooted in partisanship of ideas, as opposed to appropriateness and reasonableness of tools that are deployed for resolving of societal ills that are ‘rather pressing’?

It is important that the nominee of the Democratic Party, for President of the United States be characterized by each of GI and SPE. If, however, such a candidate is not characterized by tools that are appropriate to resolving of all of the crises in Education, Education Loans, Health Care, Income Inequalities that are becoming contrived, as opposed to outcomes of well functioning ‘Pareto optimal’ market mechanisms, and an Economy that seems to be transforming into the worst possible realizations of Non-innovative Artificial Intelligence, the resulting four-year term will be nothing but more of the same socioeconomic and political drag that the American people have endured for the last couple of years.

In the best possible scenario, the nominee of the Democratic Party, for President of the United States is characterized by each of GI, SPE, and tools that are appropriate to objectives at hand.

If politicians are not expected to care for the country, and for the people, imposition of rationality demands canceling of the forthcoming elections, and allowance of Donald Trump access to four more years as President of the United States of America.

After all, based on their GI and SPE, is it reasonably possible that any of the Democratic Candidates can be worse at caring for the people than the sitting President?

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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