Not the dominant view of the day in context of Western feminism, yet altogether true. Women are not different so they can compete with men, women are different so they can complete, and be completed by a man.

Regardless, there are many challenges. Western feminism has become reactive because some men have in past abused women who chose to be homemakers. By the same token, men have become less willing to give of themselves totally in context of romantic relationships because people today have tendency to celebrate a woman who takes advantage of a man.

When a woman cleans out her ex husband in a divorce settlement, how exactly does society react?

Until both men and women forgive the past, and see each other as potential partners for making our world a better place, what you advocate hardly will become the dominant world view. Even among those who label themselves Christians, such as I am, arguably, the partnership world view is not the dominant world view.

In mean time, children brought up in a world filled with strife between men and women continue to have to bring themselves up with little or no help from adults. The scourge of depression and other mind related deficiencies within populations of young people is a disgrace to what is supposed to be American civilization.

The scourge will stop only if men and women begin to seek partnerships that work, as opposed to strategies for upping of each other.

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