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I have much to say to those who profess to believe in the name of Jesus Christ. I have much to say to those who do not believe in the name of Jesus Christ. If a Christian has something to say only to those who believe in Jesus Christ his or her spirituality is so other worldly it lacks practicality.

One day Jesus was so angry He thugged out on those selling wares in the Jewish temple, got all rough and physical. Back in those days it was not a crime to get physical. The traders took one look at Jesus' biceps, decided to pack up their wares for another time. On a more serious note they probably saw an angel standing right beside Him, decided to fight another day. Guess Jesus Christ did that for every American who feels repressed but wants to avoid jail time. Even if your daughter is raped you can go to jail in America if you do not repress your anger, particularly in court. Luckily the man in question got released on his own recognizance.

I have much to say but Medium just changed website format so we all can spend more time listening to all those who have 200,000 followers or more.

Why exactly does Medium think strategies that sank LinkedIn can work, same strategies that created room for Medium to thrive? Everyone who could care less about influencers left LinkedIn and transitioned to Medium. Now Medium wants to saddle us with influencers all over again? By the way that whole influencer thing over Christmas? Totally ignored it. The one article I read had less to say than my worst article. Elegantly written, yes. Value for meaningful change? Not so much.

Why do companies lose sight of what works in the long-term when they become successful? Could be investors breathing down their necks for ROIs. Regardless, losing sight of what works can backfire. Just ask the GoPro guys.

I have much to say. Why is it I am beginning to wonder whether Medium really cares about new voices, meaningful voices? I have a career. I am not looking for popularity on Medium. But it would be nice to feel my voice is valued not just tolerated. When you engage with readers and yet your work does not get showcased so you get more views, the Medium platform passively declares engagement with readers is not rewarded. If engagement with readers is not rewarded, what exactly is rewarded? If engagement with other writers is not rewarded in contexts within which the reader also is a writer, what exactly is rewarded? What would Medium be if there were no engagement at all between readers and writers?

Medium rode to limelight on back of lots of average joes. People willing to leave something of themselves in their writing. Posts which connected with other ordinary joes in respect of hopes, aspirations, joys, pains, life lessons. Hopefully Medium management never forgets.

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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