Mastery ought to be for the Benefit of a Collective

Oghenovo Obrimah, PhD
9 min readJul 29, 2023

Why do males love to play video games? There are many feasible answers, such as:

A legitimate excuse to be away from their wives or girlfriends just for a tad wee bit, say four to eight hours?

To spend time enjoying an ‘adult’ toy.

To have something to discuss as part of the requisite banal conversation at work.

To arrive at a sense of mastery of something.

Whereas all of the four preceding rationales are, at different times feasible, one of the four, the fourth always is true, namely the core motivation for the playing of video games is the desire to master something challenging, the desire to have, legitimately, a feeling of mastery.

The popularity of video games within male populations derives from the sense of mastery that accrues from progress at mastery of the different specific games.

The core rationale for the popularity of video games within populations of males speaks to an important parameter of human beings, namely we all, male or female, or otherwise, have the desire to have a sense of mastery of any one thing.

For men, typically the desire for mastery revolves around activities, and can be as varied as, prowess at chasing women who themselves have interest in such attention; prowess in the context of video games; prowess at board games; prowess at sporty games; prowess at making money; prowess at commanding attention in a room, etc.

For women, the desire for mastery tends to revolve around the capacity for influencing things, that is, the capacity for influencing others, such as husbands; boyfriends; fathers; sons; daughters; colleagues; bosses; subordinates, etc. As is evident from the lives of most of the rich married men all over the world, if a woman can find a man to influence, typically she is willing to remain in that man’s shadow, because in their home she is fully recognized and celebrated as the Queen or Mistress of the Home. Think, for instance, Nancy Reagan.

For avoidance of a misunderstanding, a woman is not Mistress or Queen of her Home because she is a Homemaker, definitely…



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