Living in Consonance with Energy in the Universe

already now is well established that, regardless, whether in atmosphere of a planet, such as our Earth, or in outer space, the universe consists in transmutations of energy into mass, and transmutations of mass into energy.

A Transformation implies obviation of whatever precedes for arrival at some other thing. In context of a Transmutation, what precedes continues to be, yet produces something external to itself.

In presence of strength of the evidence, while it cannot be asserted to be obvious, alongside all of nature — plants, minerals in the earth etc. — man’s body is outcome of transmutation of energy into physical mass. Given energy is not directly observable, we arrive at interest in the realm of the metaphysical, that is, the realm of energy, as such, arrive at interest of Physics in Quantum Mechanics — the realm of the Metaphysical.

Consistent with existence of the Metaphysical, and findings on the subject by Messrs. Bohr and Green (Green’s Inequality), even now, with all of their advances in equipment, physicists still are unable to observe electrons in motion, only are able to observe their landing spots.

he reason Physics scientifically can be curious as to functioning of the metaphysical?

Regardless of invincibility of energy, there exist laws that govern interactions that transpire between mass — things that have physicality, as such are observable — and the realm of the metaphysical, that is, the realm of energy. In this respect, the law of relativity, E=mc² is an expression of relations that subsist, in the space-time continuum, between the physical realm (m) and the realm of the metaphysical (E & ). The Earth-bound analogue of the law of relativity, the law of Kinetic Motion that is coined by Sir Isaac Newton asserts that, Kinetic Energy, KE is defined as, KE=0.5mv². Again, we arrive at transmutation of mass into energy, KE, via application of a force — — which itself consists in some form of energy.

It does not require brilliance of a rocket scientist to ascertain that the difference between the law of relativity and the law of kinetic energy resides in the dampening effect of our atmosphere, that is, resistance of gravity and other factors for introduction of a dampening effect of 0.50 into the relation between mass and energy. Do whatever a person will, it is impossible to induce E=mc² in context of life on earth. Only the analogue that accounts for dampening effect of our atmosphere, namely KE=0.5mv² is feasible.

Suppose a person refuses to live in consonance with KE=0.5mv² in context of life on earth. Clearly, such a person will live in frustration, because whether it be lawn mowers, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trains, or planes, all that he or she is able to experience is, KE=0.5mv². Given scientists do not create relations that subsist between ‘E’ and ‘m’, rather discover the laws as principles set in place by a Creator God, or for those who do not believe in existence of God, by some act of nature, alteration of KE=0.5mv² does not reside in purview of scientists. We have then that if scientists themselves are not to induce any self frustration, they are accepting of the constraint of earth’s atmosphere that transforms E=mc² into KE=0.5mv². The principle then applies to all of mankind, namely, laws which govern interactions that subsist between the physical and metaphysical have to be taken as is, have to be respected, else man lives out of consonance with reality of the universe, as such consigns the self to self frustration.

Bidirectionality of Transmutation between mass and energy is law of life. If a person attempts to refuse to live in consonance with the law of transmutation, only such a person suffers dire consequences, the law continues to be in force, for it is not subject to principles of democracy — that is, cannot be unseated by super majority of popular vote.

onsider then, man’s body and mind. While the body is physical, given the mind does not coincide with the brain, which also is a physical entity, the mind inherently is metaphysical.

If the mind coincided with the brain, impulse of hunger that is received from the stomach by the brain automatically would induce eating of food. On the contrary, we have that, regardless of messages of hunger that are conveyed by the brain to the consciousness, people sometimes choose to ‘fast’, that is, abstain from food. In the dichotomy of the message that is conveyed by the brain from the decision that is arrived at in the mind, we arrive at unequivocal evidence that the mind, whose existence then is metaphysical, does not coincide with the brain.

Using analogy of the physical sciences, it must be assumed that forces that are applied to the brain and the body create energy, that is influence the mind. Simultaneously, it must be assumed that energy in the mind influences the brain and the body. The evidence from each of Soccer (the ‘heading’ of soccer balls) and American Football (hits on the body from other players) that forces applied to the body affect the brain and functioning of the mind is corroborative of the assertion that energy generated in the physical world, and in relation to the body transmutes into the mind. Clearly, if we seek to make the most of our time on earth, we seek to understand, as best as possible, how to make the most of transmutation that transpires between the body and the brain on the one hand, and the mind on the other.

We arrive then at importance of deciphering of forces, which, applied to the body or brain induce adverse effects on the mind. Simultaneously, a deciphering of how best to transmute beneficial energy in the mind for benefit of the brain and body acquires importance. In this respect, as is the case in context of physical laws, it is reasonable to assume transmutations that subsist between the physical and metaphysical in context of biological life are governed by principles that have expression as mathematical laws. If this indeed is true, we do well to live in consonance with such mathematical principles. We perhaps do even better, consider embarking on searches that facilitate discovery of such principles exercises that are worthy of our efforts and attention.

there evidence for existence of principles, which govern transmutations that transpire between the mind and each of the body and the brain? The answer it would seem is, ‘Yes’.

First, it is well established that the primary physical activity that produces more of beneficial energy in the mind, and that enables the mind provide more useful energy to the brain is the act of ‘discriminatory reading’.

Discriminatory reading is reading whose goal is development of capacity of the mind for critiquing of whatever it is that is read.

Plunk a child in school, and let that child read only so as to be able to do assignments and pass exams, and not read for the development of the mind, that is, not read with intent of development of capacity for critiquing of whatever is read; after 13 years, you arrive at a High School graduand who still thinks like a child.

Suppose then, that we recognize importance of discriminatory reading. If children are fed fantasies, regardless of interest in capacity for discriminatory reading, given fantasies are not subject to laws of rationality, regardless of rightness of intent, reading does nothing to help a child with development of energy in the mind, rather only increases capacity for fantasy.

Given fantasy only has value in realm of the metaphysical, that is, inherently cannot be transmuted into the physical, it does not have characterization as energy — anything having character of energy naturally is transmutable into mass, that is, into the physical. We have then that fantasies do not yield any beneficial energy for the mind, or for either of the brain or body. On the contrary, in presence of incapacity for transmutation, fantasy limits capacity of the brain at processing of physical reality, as such, does not augur well for living in consonance with laws that govern functioning of the universe.

Feeding of the mind with fantasies does not create energy in the mind, yet simultaneously, limits beneficial effects of energy in the mind for functioning of the brain and the body.

Fictions in context of which, heroes and heroines are defined by their magic, as opposed to their choices, character, and ‘joy of living’ are exercises in fantasy.

uppose, however, that a child is exposed to books, which explore principles for life, books written either as parables (or fables), that is, fictions, or with explicit non-fictional focus on discussion of principles for life.

A fable or parable is a fictional story whose focus is on values that are depicted, as opposed to the specific contexts that are adopted for telling of the fable or parable.

Such fictions have somewhere been referred to as ‘Literary Fictions’ — that is, novels whose main focus is development of characters that are central to the fable or parable that is told.

In stated context, we arrive at opportunity for reading that discriminates, at reading, which provides opportunity for placement of value, in the mind, on different permutations of character, actions, and decisions. In this respect, I have written somewhere that the James Hadley Chase series of novels, novels which always ensured love for crime got punished, do a very good job of presenting to the reader necessity of placement of value on each of justice, and the extent to which love for crime pays. The empirical evidence in society agrees with James Hadley Chase’s recommendation that love for crime does not pay.

The Kicker?

Regardless of everyone else’s conception of good and evil, via reading of the right sorts of fictions or non-fictions, a child arrives at his or her own conception of good and evil. We arrive then at generation of energy in the mind as to what is good to do, and what is not good to do, energy that derives from discriminatory reading of discriminatory writing — writing that takes a position on what is good, and what is not so good. Given notions of what is good and not so good are evident only in actions that are undertaken in the physical, we arrive at influence of energy in the mind on functioning of the brain and body, with outcome energy flows from the mind into the brain and body.

Only reading that produces energy in the mind possesses inherent capacity for energizing of the brain and body.

The reason periodicals, such as the ‘Economist’ and Newspapers, such as the ‘New York Times’ continue to have relevance in a news flooded world? News inherently lacks capacity for energizing of the mind. For energizing of the mind, there is necessity of reading of opinion pieces by others.

Only writing that takes a position, that is, writing that is discriminatory, possesses any capacity for energizing of the mind. Whether you end up agreeing with an author or not, your mind is energized.

the novel, Huckleberry Finn, society brainwashes kids that kids who protect runaway slaves go to hell, and those who turn in runaway slaves go to heaven.

When Huckleberry Finn finds himself in position to turn in a runaway slave, Huckleberry arrives at the decision that he rather would protect the runaway slave and go to hell, than turn him in and go to heaven.

In the taking of a position on what a boy ideally ought to do in such a situation, Mark Twain does a tremendous job of attempting to convince his reader that, in presence of threats of dire consequences, it is better to do what is noble and good and right, than to do what is wrong that is affirmed by the crowd to be culturally appropriate behavior.

When you and I read the words by Huckleberry Finn, our responses feed into our minds, creating energy in the mind that is transmuted to the brain and our bodies.

I know exactly how my mind responded to, and continues to respond to the words by Huckleberry Finn; what does your mind say about your own discriminatory response?

Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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