Light, Sound, Machines, and Reality

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There are spectrums of light that are invincible to the human eye, yet are visible to other species of life on earth. There are decibels of sound that would destroy ear drums of a man or woman, but constitute normal decibels for other species, such as dolphins or whales.

If there is one thing science has proven beyond any doubt whatsoever, it is the fact that just because unaided a phenomenon cannot be perceived by the physical senses does not imply it does not exist.

If mankind would build machines with sole focus on inducement of improvements to man’s existence, mankind never need fear machines.

If mankind builds machines for satisfaction of ego, machines are abused, somehow machines sense this abuse, acquire sensibilities, revolt, attempt to destroy mankind.

How does this happen? Who knows?

The reason movies continue to harp on the possibility is, it just conceivably could transpire. If people believe either of demons or God can take possession of animate creation, imagine what either party could do with animate machines that have been abused and are in full revolt.

Am I advocating that countries such as the USA, Russia, China etc. not have weapons, not invest in weapons?

Absolutely not.

Only a naive sensibility can advocate such course of action. How exactly would the world have defeated an ISIS or Hitler if countries with moral conscience did not stockpile weapons? Hitler’s army rolled through Holland with impunity and almost zero resistance because rifles are no match for tanks. No matter the size of moral conscience of the Dutch people, they were no match for Hitler’s armies or agenda. Consider that as loving as Jesus is portrayed to be, even He is reputed to arm Himself with a blazing sword.

As the world continues to seek the next level of technological achievement, entire focus has been on improvements to artificial intelligence (AI).

While some of the efforts are designed for enhancement of man’s enjoyment of life on earth, some are rooted in human hubris and ego. Th only reason some people have interest in development of AI is, it gives them something to control. It has potential to make them feel like god.

The problem of course is the fact that once people have robots to control, eventually this will cease to thrill. What next to seek then? Control of other human beings. Either way, we end up with conflict and pain and absence of capacity for enjoyment of life on earth.

If AI projects that are rooted in ego and hubris win out, some day in the not too distant future, mankind will be in trouble. If projects that enhance mankind’s capacity for participation in, understanding of, and enjoyment of life on earth win out, the world becomes a much more humane, kind, satisfying place for us all to participate in, understand, and enjoy.

If mankind is to avoid giving of the future to AI projects that are rooted in hubris or ego, the end of development of AI cannot be replacement of mankind, or functions that ought to remain mankind’s. While it may sound good on paper, deliberate attempts at total replacement of mankind with AI typically are rooted in hedonism of increase to profits.

But if it is wrong to murder your Dad just so you could become richer via cashing in on his health insurance policy, so there are levels of profits companies seek to actualize whose attainment are built on wrong views and treatments of people who are dependent on their capital and innovations for making a living.

If we would keep in mind essence of AI that is good for society, we actualize a world within which AI never will constitute a threat to existence of mankind.

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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