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Let us assume it is possible to improve the proportion of our mind we actively deploy in daily life. From what I hear, most people supposedly only utilize 20% of capacity of the mind.

Personally, I do not worry about how much of my mind I currently am using. I simply try to make the most of whatever proportion it is, and constantly am amazed at how applying of what already is opened up enables conquering of new challenges.

But I digress.

ow then, there is a person using only 5% of the capacity of their mind. Now we have them empty that 5% so they can arrive at the stereotypical 20%? This is akin to saying emptying of a half full bucket increases probability of arriving at a bucket that is ‘top of the brim’ full.

The meditation gurus are making money off of the failures of the Christian church at loving Americans (Christians’ part of the blame), and the desire for unrestrained sex that continues to tug at American hearts (the general populace’s part of the blame).

In the desire to not experience guilt that can be natural from exposure to Christian Scriptures, Americans have been rushing into the hands of meditation gurus. Like I already have said, judgmental, as opposed to empathetic and restorative attitudes within Christian circles certainly have not helped matters.

Christian meditation, there is application of oneself to comparing of notes in the mind as to cohesion between beliefs, decisions, actions, and consciousness of strengths, and weaknesses.

In essence, there is application of oneself to assessment of cognitive balance between beliefs and actions. Wherever there is imbalance, the mind is applied towards corrective actions, either reassessment of beliefs, or application of oneself to ensuring actions match up with beliefs. Beliefs are improved upon, not dumped.

The bucket of the mind never becomes empty because something is taken out only because something better is discovered, meaning the bucket either stays half full, or the level of water in the bucket rises.

Christian type meditation is what meditation is supposed to be. Christian type meditation focuses on how to take a bucket from half full to ‘top of the brim’ full.

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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