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You probably have come across a globe map of the earth. If you have, you either came across a globe mounted on a fulcrum, such that it could rotate any which way you choose, or a globe mounted between two beams that limited directionality of rotation of the globe.

Given the earth rotates in a specific direction, that is, about an invincible axis line, while a globe mounted on a fulcrum enables kids explore all of the different sections of the earth, a globe mounted between two beams is a more realistic rendition of rotation of the earth. Regardless of whether a globe map of the earth rests on a fulcrum, or is mounted between beams, either of the fulcrum or the beams are supported by some sort of base, equivalently, by some sort of wooden or stone support (foundation).

As the story goes, the following verse from Christian Scriptures supposedly asserts that the earth is flat. The verse reads as follows (words in brackets mine in spirit of an amplified reading of Christian Scriptures).

He (God) hath founded earth on its bases (foundations), it is not moved to the age and for ever (the beams that guide it’s rotation, as such, it’s path of revolution around the sun remain forever) — Psalms 104:5, YLT.

For concreteness of non-allusion to flatness of earth, consider the following other verses from Christian Scriptures that can be deemed to pertain to shape and atmosphere of the earth.

Covering Himself with light as a garment, stretching out the heavens (firmament or atmosphere) as a curtain — Psalms 104:2, YLT.

He who is sitting on the circle of the earth,…, He who is stretching out as a thin thing the heavens, and spreadeth them as a tent to dwell in — Isaiah 40:22, YLT.

If the heavens (atmosphere) are a curtain (Psalms 104:2), they are designed to keep something out, meaning they protect man from any and all directions. We know now that the atmosphere protects us from harmful gamma rays that emanate out of outer space. It further is gravity of the atmosphere of the earth, which differs from gravity, equivalently, relativity that subsists in outer space, that, in part, prevents objects in space from running into the earth.

If the earth were flat, it would be nigh impossible to design one curtain that, absent any supports, provides protection for man everywhere on the surface of the earth. With the earth already resting on some invincible foundation, and supported by invincible beams, introduction of a curtain that, itself, requires some support at the four corners of a flat earth would introduce a design snafu. Clearly, a wise God would recognize the unnecessary snafu, as such, prefer it’s avoidance.

If the heavens are a curtain designed like a tent (Isaiah 40:22), man dwells in the midst of the tent, and the tent — one entity having one set of invincible fasteners that fasten the tent into one piece — protects man everywhere on the surface of the earth. So then, God designs the earth as a circle, and sits, that is, governs the circle of the earth (Isaiah 40:22), meaning it is His eternal power and deity that ensure the circle of the earth remains exactly as it is, exactly as it is meant to be.

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Courtesy: The tinged blue layer is the earth’s atmosphere.

There are persons who love to derogate anything that has to do with spirituality or religion. Contrary to facts of history, this people believe each of spirituality or religion is inimical to pursuit of science. Such persons have a right to their opinions about spirituality and/or religion.

In reality, as aptly demonstrated in the book, ‘The Territories of Science & Religion’ by Peter Harrison, attempts at dichotomization of science from either of spirituality or religion did not commence until just prior to emergence of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Importantly, the dichotomy transformed science away from ‘pursuit of mastery of the right way to think’, with outcome scientific papers were judged on basis of the extent to which they better approximated the right way to think about a matter, to ‘pursuit of publishing of outcomes of scientific inquiry’. We know today that this switch has transformed science into a morass of fraud, misrepresentations, and moral hazard evident in retractions of scientific papers, not by unsuccessful scientists, but by some of the most successful scientists in academia.

Absent placement of greater weight, not on factionalism of a paper, that is, support for some pre-existing school of thought, but on evidence for progression of rightness of thought about matters that are studied, scientific research will remain rife with fraud, misrepresentations, and moral hazard, and studies that merely pander to some pre-existing school of thought.

It is irresponsible for persons who have not made any attempt to understand a cadre of spirituality to attempt to pass themselves off as experts at interpretation of meaning of Scriptures of any cadre of spirituality. In this respect, we have established the following.

If we love truth, we do well to attempt to see beyond hype for arrival at knowledge of truth of things, particularly truth of matters that can be deemed to be of importance.

So then, let us question things and reason things out, not assume that either of opinions or interpretations of others are tantamount to either of facts or truth.

A little bit of thoughtfulness in respect of opinions or interpretations of others, and interest in arrival at the true heart of things are essential for progression beyond hype for arrival at either of facts or truth.

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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