Knowing when and how to Gamble against Immutable Laws of Science

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A Replica of the 1933 Dymaxion, Courtesy: The Lane Motor Museum, Nashville TN

he picture above is that of a replica of the 1933 Dymaxion, a vehicle produced by a fella by name, Buckminster Fuller. Only three units of the Dymaxion ever were produced. All three units were commissioned, meaning Buckminster already had full payment prior to commencement of production of each custom built unit. Of the three units commissioned, two were totaled in accidents and one never was driven, only was used as sort of a showcase by the very rich guy who commissioned building of the vehicle. The lesson from the commissionings?

Some rich persons always are looking for fanciful things to do with money. Well then, why not on your fancy?

It pays to know rich people looking for fanciful things to do with money.

he moment I laid eyes on a picture of the Dymaxion, I knew the vehicle could not have been much of a success story. The rationale is straightforward. When a vehicle is that long, tapers from front to rear, and has only one tire in the rear, unless the vehicle takes bends at a crawl, a strategy that yet may fail in context of some extremely tight bends, the vehicle is designed to roll over — exactly the source of at the very least one of two accidents.

Scientific laws — those that are established as immutable in context of infinite number of replications — are immutable laws, laws that cannot be violated. These laws are inclusive of laws of Centrifugal Force (outward force acting on an object as it goes around a bend), Centripetal Force (inward force focused on center of an object as it goes around a bend), Gravity, Relativity etc. When it comes to such laws, attempts at spurning of the laws always only induce ‘phenomenon disaster’ a la the Dymaxion.

The Dymaxion was designed in violation of laws of Centrifugal and Centripetal force.

take on Buckminster Fuller? Alongside his very rich financiers, much like a Billionaire buys a football, soccer, or baseball club as sort of a personal toy, together they decided to roll the dice and, for sport, equivalently, fancy, tempt immutable laws of Physics. They had their fancy and fun, did not die, went on to do other things. Turned out a win-win for them all and for immutable laws of Physics.

Some folks take sport in tempting of immutable laws of science just so there is alternate ‘silly’ evidence that the laws remain in force.

The Lesson? If you are going to mess with laws of Physics in a manner that does not portend hurt to anyone else, find a Billionaire willing to fund the three units of failings that you will generate — a Billionaire who will laugh off the losses, treat the losses as no more than losses that accrue from a sports team he or she owns and subsidizes.

When you have such a Billionaire lined up, and have your next line of business or work lined up, and have made sure that monies from the endeavor generate gambler type returns for you and your family (hopefully you rather are single), inclusive of Immutable Laws of Physics, the endeavor turns out a win-win for everyone.

Be Safe Everyone.

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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