Keeping Things in Perspective: Mere Ordinances vis-a-vis Ordinances of Spirituality

Oghenovo Obrimah, PhD
5 min readAug 26, 2023

I thought I was ‘a very good Christian’ until I came across these ordinances that Christians were supposed to adhere to in the time of the Puritans. While I dare say I still did not do too badly by the ordinances, the fact that I failed to live up to all of the ordinances means it was providential I did not come into the world in the time of the Puritans. In stated respect, either I would have been ostracized — but then regardless even now I am ostracized meaning I do not even live up to the ordinances that are upheld by the Church Organizations of these times — or not be admitted into fellowship at all. In stated respect, consider that, commencing in 1844, Michael Faraday, the famous scientist was barred from functioning as an Elder in the Sandemanian Church for upwards of 14 years, because consequent on an invitation from the Queen to dine with her at Windsor, he missed Church for a whole week. The church responded, “what sort of ‘backslider’ misses church services for a whole week only so he can dine with the Queen?”

Courtesy of the Alcatraz East Crime Museum, Pigeon Forge (Smoky Mountains), TN USA

So then, which are the ordinances that I honestly admit to failing?

Missing Church: But in reality, I was ostracized, so does that count?

Falling asleep in Church: If the preacher is a demon, ahem, false prophet — and Christian Scriptures assert the possibility that a preacher seeks to lead people astray (2 Peter 2:1–3; Matthew 24:11)— is it not better to fall asleep?

Wearing Silk: Guilty as Charged.

Wearing Shoulder Bands or Cuffs: Never really liked shoulder bands, but I wear French Cuffs all the time, so Guilty on Cuffs.

Reading the Devil’s Picture Books: Wonder whether R-rated movies qualify here? If so, Guilty as Charged. But wait a minute, what ratings would we give ‘David’s Adultery and Murder (2 Samuel 11)’ in the movies, “David the Cad, I and II?” And what rating to give the scene in which that idiot, Amnon raped his half-sister Diana, then rather than marry her, sent her off to wail what was unavoidable, her singleness…



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