It is true that the state can invalidate a passport, such that it no longer is valid for travel.

Naturally, in presence of evidence for absence of rational reasons for invalidation of a passport, invalidation of a passport after a person has traveled out of the passport issuing state ought to be sufficient grounds for granting of political asylum to any person.

Regardless, it is important to note that invalidation of a passport is not tantamount to invalidation of identity. Whenever a government seizes passports of people who are considered flight risks, this as part of an agreement that allows for bail, this is not invalidation of identity, rather is validation of identity coupled with restrictions on travel.

It is important that sovereign states do not get the idea out of a reputable publication such as The Economist that they have power for revoking of citizens’ identities.

Not all sovereign states are ruled by people not seeking excuses for oppression of their own people.

In every country within which law and order is taken seriously, is enforced, no one can change their name without provision of convincing evidence in front of a Judge, and in court that the proposed change is not rooted in moral hazard. Evidence that a proposed change of name does not have intention of economic harm to another person is necessary condition for granting of a change of name petition in countries that take law and order seriously. The only exceptions of course are marriage and divorce. In each of these two exceptions, however, validation for change of name is rooted in marriage or divorce certificates, both of which are issued by the state.

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