Is it really possible for a human to be ‘self made’?

Oghenovo Obrimah, PhD
5 min readOct 23, 2022

Suppose rain ceases all over the earth — not that we receive a trickle of it here and there; not that it becomes more sporadic; rather that rain totally ceases.

Well, you and I know very well what comes next, namely first the loss of streams; then the loss of rivers; then the loss of vegetation; then the loss of the sheep, goats, hens, cows, antelopes, etc., that is, loss of all of the animals that are sources of food for man, but which themselves depend on vegetation for the maintenance of life — perhaps we just gorge on them before they die then hope our bodies don’t process the food all at one time (we would know that it will not work, still we would be desperate enough to wish that it would); then the oceans begin to dry up, and along with that loss of all of the fish in the oceans.

The implications for life on earth? Famine, Hunger, Dehydration. Plus, whenever the human body protractedly is dehydrated, it becomes susceptible to disease and sickness. Whenever man is faced with such a combination, well mental health deteriorates, with outcome men perhaps begin to attack each other in attempts at the substitution of human blood for each of food and water.

If you ever have attempted to do something that is either of innovative or physically exacting, this while extremely hungry and dehydrated, well you know how exactly that is nigh impossible.

Cessation of rain implies, necessarily cessation of all economic activity.

Suppose, at timing of cessation of rain, existence of a billionaire whom we shall call, Alex who considers himself, ‘self made’. Consequent on the cessation of rain, in eventuality Alex loses all of his workers.

With banks’ employees unable to continue to work, Alex loses access to all of his money that was domiciled in banks at the timing of cessation of economic activity. The money is not lost, but there is not anyone to process withdrawals, and all high end stores, such as Nordstrom that Alex would have patronized since have closed up.



Oghenovo Obrimah, PhD

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