In the Congo, a meaningless war has been raging for at least 20 years. In many developing countries, the refinement of education is sneered at — people value education only because it is the only path to upward mobility in society. As could well be expected, lack of interest in refinement of education implies there are lots of developing countries like Nigeria filled with highly educated people who lack capacity for any innovation whatsoever.

Nigeria for instance has had power problems for over 40 years, still imports generators, some from the United States. There is hardly any innovation that makes life better in a place like Nigeria that is not created outside of Nigeria, then exported to the country. Nigeria is an oil producer who imports oil derivatives such as gas, kerosene, diesel etc. Yet, the country awards PhDs in just about every discipline — science, engineering (inclusive of petroleum engineering), business etc. Last I checked, the government was pushing the domestic movie industry and tourism as next push for economic development in a country within which citizens can have to live without mains power for upwards of two weeks. Even if push for economic development is domiciled in Agriculture industry, people will be well fed while living without mains power for as much as two weeks at a time? How exactly is it easy for the poor in society to preserve good food without mains power for two weeks?

What exactly is value of educational systems which lack capacity for innovation that solves a country’s problems? What exactly is value of financial systems which lack capacity for funding of innovation? Until South African companies poured into Nigeria to begin building malls, malls which improved welfare of the elite, nobody in Nigeria, elite or otherwise thought of malls as necessary innovations for improvement of welfare. How exactly does emigration force people in a country to be willing to work together for building up of their own country?

How exactly does enabling the poor in Nigeria achieve free emigration to the United States improve the lot of Nigeria? I use Nigeria as a case study because it is the developing country whose condition I am most familiar with. Why should rich countries underwrite deliberate bad governance in developing countries? Many foreigners who advocate for less strictures on emigration to rich countries have idealistic views of what is wrong with developing countries, particularly developing countries of Africa.

Rather than allow the poor from developing countries to emigrate to rich countries, rich countries should prevent rich politicians who have looted their countries from having opportunity to live the rest of their lives in rich countries. When the rich who govern in developing countries have to spend the rest of their lives in midst of the people whose lives they refused to improve, this perhaps will begin to have some impact on willingness to institute policies which make a difference in developing countries.

Part of the solution to poverty in developing countries is emigration strictures which ensure those who govern only to enrich themselves in developing countries have to live the rest of their lives in midst of the very people they mistreated while in office. These sorts of strictures ensure people’s lots can be improved in their very own countries, represents alongside provision of capital and other necessary resources the most effective contribution of rich countries to eradication of poverty in developing countries.

If developing countries sneer at refinement of education, glorify barbarism of cultural philosophies that run counter to meritocracy of education, yet desire standards of living made possible in the West via applying of refinement of education, they should not be allowed to eat their cake, yet continue to have it for eating later.

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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