If you desire Science be yet another Arena for Entertainment and Titillation of Fancies, you hurt your own Welfare

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Politics is part of life, and ideally, the word, ‘Politics’ ought not to connote falsehoods, and attempts at character assassination. When a man who is known, with certainty, to have funded women’s campaigns for Senatorial seats, or who has backed women for President is accused of looking down on women, we know we deal with the ‘bad’ sort of politics.

Ideally, Politics characterizes all of the institutions, frameworks, interactions, and ‘give and take’, note not ‘give’ only, and also not ‘take’ only, but ‘give and take’ that transpire within a polity, with outcome a Polis functions effectively.

Within context of ideal workings of ‘Politics’, a Polis functions effectively, not because a Democrat President caters to Democrats, or a Republican President caters to Republicans, but because welfare of each and every resident of the Polis is protected by all of the Politics that transpires within the Polis.

In an age in which entertainment has become a huge part of life, with outcome YouTube has capacity for creation of millionaires via subscriptions of persons seeking entertainment, Politics, via Suffrage of news (the right to convey any news deemed to be newsworthy to the Polis by newsmen and newswomen), now is demanded to be entertaining, as such, has become infused with entertainment.

Suffrage of news, and branding of news by different organizations, such that news does not appear, relative to it’s conveyance by other news organizations, to be redundant, means you never can be sure that opinions of news pundits are no more than branding of news for arrival at entertainment, as opposed to statements of truth.

Let us accept infusion of Politics with Entertainment as reality not likely to go away anytime soon. With television and entertainment living off advertisements from corporate sponsors, and with all entertainers vying for attention of the same public, the push for more and more entertainment is, as we say in Financial Economics, a ‘non-decreasing monotone’ strategy (Athey 2001, Quah and Strulovici 2012, Obrimah 2018) — only television funded by public funds can, absent foray into more and more entertainment, survive and thrive in the world in which we live today.

But television funded by public money must be careful not to step too heavily on toes of it’s patron, meaning absent direct footage from Congress, their broadcasts also must be taken with a pinch of salt.

If Politics is to be effective at protection of welfare of each and every person who lives within a Polis, it must involve ‘give and take’. Absent any notions of truth, however, give and take becomes inherently more difficult, with outcome we arrive at necessity of some common understandings of truth for well functioning of a Polis. Arrival at some common understandings of truth is evident in design of institutions and legal frameworks that, on the face of it, are deemed to best facilitate ‘give and take’ between different segments of a society.

If there exist such things as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ legal frameworks, and ‘good’ or ‘bad’ institutions — and we know for a fact good and bad of these things exist (see for example, La Porta, Lopez-de-Silanes, Shleifer, and Vishny 1998), it of necessity is true that Politics is built either around Truth (good institutions, and good legal frameworks), or around deviations from truth (bad institutions, and bad legal frameworks). Arrival at common understandings of Truth that are consistent with Truth, we conclude then is of significant importance for well functioning of a Polis.

We have then that it must be the case that countries whose institutions and legal frameworks can be deemed to be bad could not, at timing of development of those institutions and frameworks, have been aware that their designs were ‘bad’, meaning such societies lacked awareness that their common understanding of Truth was not, in fact, predicated on Truth.

The pursuit of Truth is supposed to be essence of Science. Within context of the foregoing, Science helps protect society from arrival at common understandings of Truth that inherently consist in deviations from Truth.

In this respect, while the Church was upset with Galileo Galilei that his articulation of non-primacy of earth in context of our solar system was as articulate as it was, the Church nevertheless would respect the science, accept and begin to teach that the earth did not have primacy within our solar system; that rather, as articulated in Scriptures of the same Church, that primacy belonged to the Sun (Genesis 1:16–19; Psalms 19:4–6).

Science, by definition, consists in core intellectualism that is rooted in principles of Mathematics; principles of Physics; principles of Chemistry; and principles of Biology the Four Basic Sciences. In this respect, note that any and all advances in Engineering or Medicine derive from applications of the Basic Sciences, as such, have character of Applied Sciences. By the same token, to the extent principles shown to be replicable derive from Mathematical laws, each of Finance and Economics have character of Applied Sciences.

In respect of differences that subsist between the Basic Sciences, note that each of Chemistry or Biology reinterpret laws of Mathematics. In Chemistry, 1+1 does not always produce a new entity, that is, does not always produce 2, sometimes just remains 1+1, that is, a mixture. The link between Chemistry and Mathematics? If you seek that 1+1=2, you need to arrive at knowledge of things that can bond with each other. In essence then, and in context of Chemistry, if 1+1 is to equal 2, there exist conditions to be satisfied.

In Biology, 2 organisms can attach themselves to one another, benefit from one another (Symbiosis), yet remain two separate entities, with outcome, once again, 1+1 does not produce an entirely new entity, 2, remains just 1+1; importantly, in this scenario, 1+1 does not have any chance whatsoever of transformation into a new entity, 2. But, if we define the two organisms as occupying a space, then the biological space consisting of 1+1 consists of two Elements, such that using set theory, we have that there exist 2 Elements (Organisms) in said biological space. The number 2 then does not imply arrival at a new entity, rather denotes a count of entities living in the same biological space. The link between Biology and Mathematics? When it comes to the biological sciences, all Mathematics can do is count Unions, Intersections, and ‘Connectedness’ (dependencies of living things). Biology then gives life to Theories of Spaces, the foundation of which is Connectedness of all Elements within any Space. In this respect, man exhaling Carbon Dioxide (which is needed by Plants), and plants exhaling Oxygen (which is needed by Mankind) is an illustration of Connectedness that subsists within a Biological Space.

The race between the United States and Russia in respect of landing of a man on the moon in the 1960s provides a good illustration of dependence of Politics on truths that are produced in context of Scientific Research. In this respect, in presence of agreement between politicians that the Laws of Gravity and Relativity both are, as communicated by scientists, immutable laws, there was arrival at consensus necessary for funding of space programs. We see then how actions taken by political actors who manage welfare of a Polis can be dependent on truths that are produced in context of scientific research.

Suppose, however, that Science devolves into Entertainment and Titillation of Fancies, with outcome all Physicists collude to discredit Einstein’s Law of Relativity, with outcome the Space Program assumes governance of Newton’s Law of Gravity throughout the duration of the travel of the Space Shuttle from Earth to the Moon. Well then, we find that the shuttle burns up every time. It is precisely because the law that governs our atmosphere — the Law of Gravity — differs from the Law that governs generic space and time outside of our atmosphere — the Law of Relativity — that a shuttle jettisons it’s propulsion upon escape from atmosphere of the Earth. Having escaped earth’s atmosphere, the shuttle would leverage on any gravitational pulls (relativity) that subsist in space for guiding itself to the moon. We see then that both laws — the Law of Gravity and the Law of Relativity — are critical to success of any country’s space program.

If management of the Polis for protection of welfare of every single person is to be effective, regardless of any introduction of entertainment into portrayal of politicians, and into interactions which subsist between politicians, it necessarily must be the case that politicians have truths around which they deliberate.

Scientific Research is designed to be Purveyor of truths around which politicians deliberate for arrival at meaningful ‘give and take’ that enhances welfare of a Polis. If Scientific Research is transformed into yet another platform for Entertainment and Titillation of Fancies, truth ceases to be important, with outcome only that which can be branded, such that it appeals to desire for entertainment, becomes newsworthy, as such basis for interactions between politicians, who themselves, seek to be entertaining.

If society allows Scientific Research become a matter of what is Branded, as opposed to what is True, missions to the moon, that is, objectives of society may already have failed prior to any launches of such objectives, for it is normative that immutable truths of science typically are not as ‘sexy’, that is, as entertaining as all of the other morass produced alongside, which masquerades as new knowledge.

If Science becomes an Arena for Entertainment and Titillation of Fancies, Science brands only those discoveries, which appear to be entertaining or titillating, with outcome truths around which politicians navigate ‘give and take’ deviate from the most objective and valuable Truths.

If you seek maximization of your welfare within your Polis, you do not, in your actions, encourage the news media to become validator of immutable laws of scientific research that ought to be basis for management of welfare of your Polis by it’s Politicians.

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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