If we are to make the most of faith in Christ, we must acquire pragmatic knowledge of how to walk with Christ

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Very few churches still know, or are able to convey how exactly to live like, or become like Christ. I am not talking theory here, rather am talking practice.

Becoming like Christ does not work like magic. Only those who know what to do and do it become like Christ.

The Holy Spirit makes clear, if we do not do it like He (Jesus) did it, or if we do not do anything at all, we will not arrive at the same result that Jesus produced. There is not any magic to becoming like Christ.

Other than my book, ‘In Jesus Name’, you will not find a practical definition of faith in any other book. While Francis Schaeffer’s book, ‘True Spirituality’ , which also is Holy Spirit inspired, discusses how to practice faith, it does not define faith, and the process for transformation of faith into love.

My book, True Sanctification shows you that sanctification is not about God wanting to prove He can dictate to you how to live, but rather, much like an expert tells you the sort of niche expensive oil that produces the most ‘vroom’ out of a car’s high performance engine, it is about Jesus telling you what you have to do to arrive at the very best version of your self. You see already that this book is not about religion, rather is about you and Jesus Christ.

Rightly understood, the Book of Revelation is not about Armageddon or the end of the world, rather is about how Jesus spent over 1,000 years subsequent to His ascension back to heaven eliminating claim of every spiritual entity, which sought to be an approving entity for your salvation and mine. Why would God seek to eliminate claims over time, rather than instantaneously at ascension of Jesus? Because God restrains Himself to achieve purposes with reasoning and evidence, then judgment — rewards or penalties. Over the course of the 1,000+ years, Jesus demonstrated to every such spiritual entity that they were no less sinful than those over whom they sought spiritual authority. By 1454 AD, Jesus had eliminated all obstacles, the Bible began to be available to all men, and Jesus commenced His spiritual reign here on earth. My book, ASERJC explains essence of the spiritual reign of Jesus Christ on earth, and the process and events that led up to the event.

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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