I wrote a piece available on LinkedIn titled “Stability and Progress” available at:

that relates to this piece by Evan.

The essence of the piece is that if we do not establish some objective for progress, progress becomes an end in of itself and can exceed the point of stability. When progress on a particular dimension becomes too much, it becomes counter productive, producing the sorts of outcomes discussed in this piece by Evan.

Until we begin to ask:

Just because we can, does it mean it is good for society?

we may not be able to reverse trends of loneliness and loss of direction bedeviling society at large.

I may be one of the few who think it will be the end of human interactions, but just because we can build driverless cars, does it mean driverless cars are good for societal interactions. I would rather we build hovercrafts that require drivers, and create lanes in the air than support driverless cars.

A few examples.

Just because we can offshore or outsource, does it mean that is good overall for society or shareholders? For some elaboration on this thought, check out

Just because we can clone ourselves, is this good for society?

Just because by laying off 2% of the workforce we can squeeze out an additional 1% in stock returns, does this mean this is good overall for society, shareholders inclusive?

Can the company illustrated above continue cutting 2% of its workforce every year to generate increase in returns for shareholders? Why is a non-sustainable increase in company returns good for society or shareholders (the illustration assumes a company doing well, as such not in any sort of financial trouble)?

If America does not deGodify (I just made this word up) competition and return to socially responsible capitalism that focuses on innovation as opposed to competition for the sake of competition, trends in America and the rest of the world, which seem to be following blindfold, are unlikely to reverse anytime soon.

If we choose not to live by faith and love, the natural outcome is a world devoid of these virtues widely recognized yet not widely practiced as important for meaningful social and spiritually sound interactions. Loss of spirituality, not religion is a key component of the morass that the entire world led by America gradually is becoming.

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