I respond to this only because it is stated as a categorical, no alternative fact.

In reality, money can be made from solving homelessness. If prisons and prisoners can make money, provision of housing to homeless people who seek to be rehabilitated — reclaimed from homelessness — can generate money. Sure it will require some cooperation from government and other stakeholders, but the point is, it is feasible to generate money from solving homelessness for people who seek to live minimally. If we will reorder our perspective to see those desirous of rehabilitation from homelessness as seeking to live minimally, yet with dignity, money making solutions eminently are feasible.

With respect to storing of water in plastics, the solution to storage remains plastics. At the present time, water only can be stored safely in plastics. Only quantities (big containers versus bottles), disposal options, and biodegradable properties are issues. Whatever solution is created other than plastics also will have same issues at stake. The only solution to plastics that does not require plastics is water out of the faucet perfectly safe for drinking.

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